What Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey will Teach ISIS and Social Commerce World

twitteriHumanMedia.com reports that Twitter’s reorganization under new CEO, Jack Dorsey is progressing after internal meetings and discussions have continued to focus on apps in “Social Commerce”.  Social commerce emphasizes tools that allow users to buy and sell items on Twitter social media networks. 

Dorsey, the serial entrepreneur has decades of experience with e-commerce solutions programming on Square (mobile e-pay) and played a hands-on part in the AOL Instant Messenger development. Mobile apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are now part of the DNA of how we communicate daily.  

Worldwide about 380 million people use Twitter daily. Over 95% of Twitter users connect on a mobile Internet smartphone, tablet and wearable device.

Dorsey’s a smart guy, known for innovative solutions like Twitter. Disruptive technologies change how we do things on a daily basis.

He’s unconventional almost like the Donald Trump of the tech world. Jack Dorsey is old school, a genius tinkerer, reminisce of Steve Jobs writes digital media author, James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

I like Dorsey’s move handing over his own money, about 7 million shares ie. $200 million divided evenly among Twitter employees.

It is reported that Jack Dorsey has a net worth over $2 Billion. Once voted, The Wall Street Journal’s Entrepreneur of the Year. He’ll get Twitter profitable and flourishing but likely through a partnership or merger type arrangement says Mr. Dean. 

NOTE : Dorsey recently was added to the board of directors at Disney.

Today, we’re finding Twitter has impacted the world. For good or bad mobile social networking has empowered individuals to connect. Some would argue, its too much power to put in a persons hands, the capability to broadcast mean spirited misinformation or attempt to hack a business for financial gains.

But the cyber responsibility issue of each individual is the real focus, a code of conduct if you will. A responsibility to engage people with value-added initiatives not false manipulations of religious persecution like ISIS has done by seeking those people that feel ostracized from society.

Mobile Internet social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus provide unparalleled FREEDOM of speech to people worldwide. Abuse of this fantastic opportunity by ISIS has hurt ordinary working class people of all races, ethic groups and income levels by creating “social network of terror” that perverts this instant ability to interact remotely on a personal level. In fact, their poorly thought out  methods have caused most in the Muslim community to rise up to better protect their religious beliefs that date back to 635 AD. READ MORE …

Many Muslims will tell you that ISIS has “hijacked” their religion and perverted many of their traditions for political and economic gains using money derived from violent conflicts to get oil money Iraq / Syria. 

Twitter, a leading social change and economic exchange platform now led by Jack Dorsey can enable Muslims like those found at The Islamic Center at NYU to broadcast the message of renewed faith, hope and diversity in order to change the conversation.

Although, ISIS has grabbed attention, temporarily with their “shock & awe” effect in the media. Long-term they’ve degraded their value; as leaders worldwide catch their breath and focus on removing their campaign of violence and terror. Historically, lasting change has rarely ever been accomplished using violent means such as ISIS is attempting. 

Twitter could play a mediator role, so to speak creating a DIALOGUE or LINK to vital communications between the Christian world and the Muslim world. This transitional period may last for years until a common respect and educated degree of acceptance lays the basis for peace worldwide. Twitter can better promote a conversation to resolve difference in many instances. A sort of dispute resolution in social media.

Screenshot 2015-11-21 at 8.16.49 AM


That said, we’re in the security crisis phase now which requires added measures that impede on privacy until the violent assault by ISIS and the like is halted. REVIEW PEW RESEARCH DATA … 

Although, looking beyond the immediate terror threat, a point of reconciliation can be achieved were Twitter should play an instrumental role in providing personalized “social commerce” based on each users preferences and cultural traditions says Mr. Dean. This prosperity improves the quality of life ubiquitously across all demographics. 

So if your shopping on Twitter, for example it would display items considerate of your profile settings like religious orientation, interests and entertainment favorites etc. Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey is rapidly reconfiguring the social network to plug-in a more personalized social network user experience says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

Twitter’s e-commerce social media network apps will promote better symmetry with behavioral patterns and customs. Streaming video entertainment choices ie. news media channels, episodes like Jay Leno’s Cars and educational programming such as Khan Academy will enhance the customer experience on mobile devices like the smartphone and tablet.

Ultimately, the singularity between Twitter’s new vision under CEO, Jack Dorsey, named in 2008, as the MIT technology innovator having the experience and knowledge to lead us into the social commerce age in a way that’s responsive to cultural and political attributes. Its organic in nature, as Twitter is already playing a huge part in the way of it worldwide says Mr. Dean.   

Twitter Market Data 2015 – iHumanMedia.com

Lead by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has a challenging task ahead of it – to stay in the top five platforms used to market businesses. Within this group, 79% were committed to Twitter publishing, including monitoring, responding, and posting tweets in the first quarter of 2014.

However, Twitter ranked third, while Facebook remained a major competitor in the race for the preferred social media and user-generated content tools. The prize for the winner in that race is definitely worth it, taking into account that the number of Twitter users worldwide is predicted to reach nearly 450 million by 2017.

For marketers worldwide, driving sales is no longer the leading goal of using Twitter as a marketing tool. Marketing professionals are focused on increasing brand awareness through promoted tweets and accounts.

Screenshot 2015-11-21 at 5.25.13 AM

This brand marketing tactic has proven successful for a number of retailers worldwide, according to figures presented by 8th Bridge and Apparel Magazine. Starbucks, with over four million followers, or National Geographic, whose Twitter audience reached 3.93 million, were among the ones sharing in the success of increased brand awareness. Victoria’s Secret followed directly with 2.5 million fans of their Limited Brands Twitter account.

Twitter’s rising popularity has begun to translate to monetary gains. Twitter’s advertising revenue is on a steady rising path. Total ad revenue is expected to amount to $1.09 billion by the end of 2014, while its share in the social media ad revenue pool is projected to reach nearly 13% at the same time.

Twitter’s mobile advertising revenue in the United States, for example is expected to reach $630 million in 2015 reports iHumanMedia.com. Increasingly, mobile video ads and tweets are becoming very effective at reaching more people, most often in social media networks now.