Video Alert 25 Year Old Iggy Hits 1 Billion YouTube Viewers

Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea, the 25 year old phenom hit the charts hard on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook grabbing over 1 Billion views beating Justin Bieber.

She leveraged a music deal with rapper, T.I. to shatter music industry records that have put her in the same category as the Beatles for simultaneous hits ranked one and two on the charts reported digital media author, James Dean @ People equate Iggy Azelea to Nikki Minaj in vivid format and fashion style. 

Iggy Azalea’s hit album “The New Classic” spawned five singles: “Work“, “Bounce“, “Change Your Life“, “Fancy” and “Black Widow“. “Fancy” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven consecutive weeks, making Azalea the fourth female rapper in the history of the chart to reach number one. Music a very effective platform to reach millions of Millennials and Gen Xers. Increasingly, retailers like Samsung are using pop songs like “Fancy” in their brand advertising campaigns.

The wildly popular, Iggy drives home the power of social commerce, where information, visual FX and advertising are meddled into a collegiate of reality digital media broadcast online to mobile Internet users worldwide.

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