Advice for $27 Billion Yahoo Sale Alibaba plus Search and Display Advertising reports during a meeting held on Wednesday that Yahoo, CEO Marissa Maria and other top executives have begun talks to sell Alibaba $25 Billion and partial ownership of Yahoo Japan, Starboard valued at close to $2 Billion. Overall, Yahoo’s revenue has dropped 8% yoy.

Yahoo’s recent bid to attract new advertisers to its Gemini mobile ad platform has fallen short added James Dean @ 

Yahoo has failed to create an interactive social media advertising and information sharing experience. Reviews and comments are flat in Yahoo. There’s just no pizzazz in recycling news story media feeds. 

Yahoo Japan has a valuation about 40% less than stock price, making Yahoo’s share worth $18 billion, or about $18 per share valuation. So, based on analyst 25X earnings growth rate projections, Yahoo total fair market value could reach $37.50 per share at best adds Mr. Dean. 

Recommendations for Yahoo !  

On the bright side, we’re high on; the social media content network that offers powerful online editing tools for video and news text posting. is a joy to work in creating content and blog editing. 

Further, developing as part of a greater “Yahoo!” strategy makes a of of sense. Perhaps, a tighter integration and partnership with Twitter would be a smart development to push branding into mobile apps.

We also believe buying a geolocation, social commerce app like FourSquare (45 million mobile users) that could be integrated into the platform with its 425 million users and 225 million news blog sites will attract greater advertising revenue added Mr. Dean.

NOTE: About 45% of consumers tend to first look LOCALLY to make a purchases from retailers, before going outside the community to buy.

ADVICE : Focus on CREATIVE mobile VIDEO ads in and blogger NEWS CONTENT that’s localized by the users within unique communities worldwide says James Dean @ Think of it as a cultural information exchange with social network sharing apps on iOS / Android smart phones and tablets. I like Instagram apps but it needs greater news content, edit tools for video and retail shopping carts for social commerce. Ultimately, the 3D virtual shopping experience wins – CLICK HERE VIDEO EXAMPLE…

Yahoo Executive Team

  • Marissa Mayer
    Marissa Mayer Chief Executive Officer, President & Director
  • David Filo
    David Filo Co-founder & Chief Yahoo
  • Ken Goldman
    Ken Goldman Chief Financial Officer
  • Ron Bell
    Ron BellGeneral Counsel & Secretary
  • Enrique Muñoz Torres
    Enrique Muñoz Torres SVP, Product & Engineering, Search
  • Jeff Bonforte
    Jeff Bonforte SVP, Product & Engineering, Communications
  • Simon Khalaf
    Simon Khalaf SVP, Product & Engineering, Publisher Products
  • Adam Cahan
    Adam Cahan SVP, Product & Engineering, Video, Design and Emerging Products
  • Prashant Fuloria
    Prashant Fuloria SVP, Product & Engineering, Advertising Products
  • Jay Rossiter
    Jay Rossiter SVP, Product & Engineering, Science & Technology
  • Laurie Mann
    Laurie Mann Chief Information Officer
  • Lisa Utzschneider
    Lisa Utzschneider Chief Revenue Officer
  • Rose Tsou
    Rose TsouSVP, Asia-Pacific
  • Bryan Power
    Bryan Power SVP, Human Resources
  • Ian Weingarten
    Ian Weingarten SVP, Corporate Development & Partnerships