Trump vs Clinton : What’s the BIG Picture in the CONNECTED World Asks Pulitzer Prize Winner, Thomas Friedman

With LEADERSHIP CHANGE, the United States and the world economy can be sustainable overtime, but the road will be tough with many setbacks. So far, here’s what $19 Trillion of debt has produced for the average working American (FEB 2016) JP Morgan analysis.


It’s clear America is at a critical geopolitical crossroad, now grappling with two very different visions, Trump vs Clinton. Ultimately, the prosperity of our kids is at stake.

Increasingly, technology is playing a key role in connecting people across many cultures in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsUp. This mobile Internet connectivity is critical to develop a dialogue that reaches all people; as we transform the populous acceptance and respect towards seemingly alien traits, foreign to us here in America. 

Social media networks like FACEBOOK are the primary information and sharing platform for 218 million people in U.S. and Canada says James Dean @

In everyday business transactions, we find smartphones and tablets have allowed us to surf over economic borders creating a 24-hour business day now. Presenting us with a hyper-fast, digital economy where social commerce and information exchange happen instantaneously. This evolution of human “connected” technology is well illustrated in Pulitzer Prize Winner, Thomas Friedman’s coming new publications including, “Thank You for Being Late and The World is Fast”.

The exponential growth of social media networks has created the greatest single inflection point since Guttenberg invented the printing press, says Thomas Friedman (Pulitzer Prize Winner) – Watch Insightful VIDEO clips 
The current leaders in Washington DC have proven over the last 25-years to be lacking knowledge and vision. For example, U.S. public education has remained bottom tier rank just 26th worldwide. The infrastructure should have been upgraded steadily during that time but remained crumbling. And tax reformed to compete against emerging economic powers was left untouched, taking millions of jobs from middle America.

These systemic failures are mostly due to failed leadership currying favor to special interest groups. But there’s also the upgrade necessary to digitize our government including real-time voting, necessary to gain solutions more quickly. It goes to the heart of innovation and ability to compete.

A healthy global economy will promote PEACE. However, there maybe to many working parts to the “new world order” ie. global economy model and the transformation of unique cultural traditions in America is unappealing to many voters. The pace of the liberals change has been too fast for Americans to stomach.

Although, the population in America is ethnically diverse, the majority of the voters are increasingly requiring the “DONALD TRUMP” solution that’s protective of the U.S. economy. People are worried about the violence, rising cost of goods like food, and loss of prosperity with heavy debt load. It fair to say now that many Americans are frightened by it all.

We’ve coined the phrase “Trumpology”. A nationalistic force, almost religious in nature to reignite the economy and restore pride in America. 
 If voters elect Hillary Clinton, she will complete the global economic i.e. shared wealth model, already in-progress. But there are significant costs such as loss of individual freedoms like full gun ownership and increased vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks in a more open country during transition.

The Clinton new world order model will take longer to accomplish with significant sacrifices along the way adds Mr. Dean. And if it could be achieved, perhaps it could lay the foundation for a better world. But a truly global economy is an journey into uncharted waters that has never been PEACFULLY accomplished in history. It may all be just wishful thinking.

And therein lies the difference between Clinton and Trump, a stark contrast in opposite economic direction which the American people must decide in the upcoming election for President 2016.