Sales Jump 45% – How We Did It reports 45% increase in sales (yoy) for 2015. Primarily, revenue increases are attributed to integration of MOBILE office technology to reduce overhead and focus on digital media with an emphasis on social commerce apps. We recommend cloud platforms to share files enabling your workforce to network better with clients.

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Internet marketing

Google topped all other digital media 30% using organic SEO content writing, Adwords marketing campaigns and YouTube video productions. 

Facebook scored high generating 25% of sales inquiries using social media posts (graphic intensive), Instagram video clips and targeted mobile ads.

Twitter came in strong 15% of new leads generated using promoted Tweets and network re-tweets creating breaking news stories that mobile traffic. 

Pinterest customer sales scored high among apparel, fashion and healthcare related products with easy mobile e-commerce apps.

Text Alert and Email campaigns in detailed content blog articles inspired about 20% of all new sales leads. Improved CRM platforms reduced costs. 

Phone communication systems upgrades to RingCentral and Grasshopper improved customer 24/7 and allowed us to respond using SMARTPHONE TEXT / PHOTO to incoming calls. This MOBILE app reply system increased sales. We recommend tossing your landline, opt for MOBILE call systems. 

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