70% Demand Easy Secure Checkout Web Shopping Carts

ssliHumanMedia.com is a leader in the e-commerce design and integration of easy, secure web store checkout onsite.

If your running a retail store online, the customer checkout process maybe the most important feature to your website design. 

It’s the shopping cart checkout step, where many Internet retailers lose nearly 70% of their customer sales – James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Review your checkout process to increase sales. 

shopping cart checkout

SSL digital certificates establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (website). The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information, exchanged during each visit (session). Seamless onsite checkout is critical to better sales and retention process. 

iHumanMedia.com builds secure online stores using SSL Certificate Secure E-commerce Solutions. Checkout Shopping Experience…

Step 1 : Customer browses inventory for purchase 

Step 2 : Customer chooses item for purchase from inventory. 

Step 3 : Customer clicks item to shopping cart. 

Step 4 : Customer review the item in the shopping cart 

Step 5 : Checkout out to begin contact information – shipping address 

Step 6 : Chooses shipping method but no tax needed in this case 

Step 7 : Input credit card information VISA, American Express, MasterCard

Upon credit card authorization customer receives confirmation / item ships 

NOTES : Whether you need to secure one or many domains, one or multiple servers look for a full line of SSL Certificate products that meet your needs. Get Educated about PCI compliance standards and Cyber Security.

  • SSL (“Plus”): Secure all servers and subdomains on a given domain with one certificate.
  • Single Certificate (“SSL Plus”): Secure a single server with a single name.
  • Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate (“MD SAN Certificate”): Secure up to 25 server names – with one certificate.
  • Extended Validation Certificate (“EV Plus”): Activate the green bar in newer browsers.
  • Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificate (“EV MD Certificate”): Secure up to 25 server names with EV security – with one certificate.

“SSL Plus” Certificate

Plus SSL Certificate secures an entire domain — a certificate for *.example.com will secure http://www.example.com,mail.example.com, and any other subdomain of example.com you can think of. We even use SANs to let your Wildcard SSL Certificate secure the base domain: example.com

“SSL Plus” Certificate

Single-name SSL Certificates from all the features you would expect (2048-bit strong encryption, browser trust) and a few things you might not get from other companies’ basic certificates (30-day satisfaction guarantee, great customer support, unlimited free reissues, professional site seal). We’re still the only one who does it using Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to make your single SSL Certificate for example.com also secure http://www.example.com (and vice versa). That’s why we call it SSL Plus. 

“Multi-Domain (SAN)” Certificate

Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates (sometimes known as SAN Certificates) use Subject Alternative Names to let you secure up to 25 server names with one certificate. These SSL Certificates are perfect for environments or platforms where you need to secure multiple sites across different domains (e.g., Microsoft Exchange or OCS). 

“Extended Validation (EV) Plus” Certificate

The highest level of authentication makes Extended Validation SSL Certificates the ultimate in building trust through your website. DigiCert’s EV Plus Certificates use Subject Alternative Names to secure both http://www.example.com and example.com in one SSL Certificate. That means your customers get the green bar in EV-enabled browsers with or without the “www“. 

“Extended Validation (EV) Multi-Domain” Certificate

Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificates provide the flexibility of Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates with Extended Validation security. This is an unbeatable value that provides branded green-bar assurance across all of your websites with a single certificate. An unlimited server license comes standard.