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Checkout MTA App for Real-Time Updates on all your Music City Transit. 


Be the first to get Nashville MTA bus information in real time. Simply download the Nashville MTA app or Vanderbilt’s T-Hub app to participate in the public beta testing currently underway.

The app is just one feature of MTA’s new Music City Transit Tracker real-time transit management system. All MTA buses are equipped with new tracking software so that riders will be able to see when the next bus will arrive at their stop, in real time.

To be a tester, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play on your smart phone.

As you travel around Music City via public transportation, utilize the real-time information. Let us know what works great and what needs to improve. We encourage your feedback by taking a short survey or contacting Customer Care at (615) 862-5950 or

TransitTracker-AppleStore   TransitTracker-GooglePlay

Special thanks to our partners, Vanderbilt University and Transit App for their assistance in launching our Reat-time information, which also is available through their apps and Google Maps. T-Hub-App-Icon     TransitApp-Icon     Google-App-Icon