2016 Upgrade New Year Resolution

Each of us has their personal goals in the upcoming new year 2016. Perhaps, a few of these ideas sparks your interest but do you have the stamina and determination to see it through to the new beginning, success. So what’s your new year resolution … 2016 

Family – create a better relationship and/or build a family of your own

Lose Weight – change eating habits, smaller portions and more exercise

NEW Career – start a business, pursue your invention, find enjoyable work

College – education is a life long personal growth and career achievement

Language – discover a unique culture by learning a new language

Travel – explore world, take selfies while traveling, taste exotic cuisine

Food – learn to cook, get healthy gain a better understanding of your body

New Car – begin saving for the new car you always wanted, be economical  

Get out of Debt – payoff school debt, plan finances better, lower mortgage 

Home Improvement – upgrade kitchen, remodel bathroom, SELL home


Whatever, your 2016 upgrade new year resolution is write it down and post it on the bathroom mirror so that everyday your reminded to stay focused on that goal. Don’t get discouraged from setbacks, just keep plugging ahead. Remember nothing great comes easy, it takes consistent effort !

He had no job, no car, no home of his own. He weighed 563 pounds, and his wife had left him. So Eric Hites started riding a bike from coast to coast. We applaud Eric Hites for showing us all it can be done, but most of all for taking a stand and doing something great that made his families life much better off.

If Eric Hites can do it, so can you this new year 2016. Go for it, don’t be discouraged by negative comments, keep a positive mindset. The power of POSITIVE THINKING really works, give it a try make your life better ! 


Eric Hites, a 563-pound man known as “Fat Guy Across America” and his wife Angie Marie Hites arrive in New York City at Times Square on September 23, 2015 in New York City. Eric Hites attempts to cross the continental U.S. on bicycle to win back his estranged wife and get himself into shape.