5G Wireless Google Glass 2.0 Enterprise Productivity

iHumanMedia.com goes inside the new Google Wearable Lab to reveal its upcoming (January 2016) release of 5G streaming video app, Glass 2.0. The mobile device product R&D is directed by Tony Fadell, the man who helped build the iPod, iPhone and Nest thermostat sensors.

GoogleThe innovative project, “Aura” has refocused Google Glass wearable technology to provide better workplace productivity for the enterprise says James Dean, Director, Digital Media & Social Commerce Solutions. 

Now we’re introducing 5G super-fast 100 Mbit/s video streaming capabilities with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Key mobile applications for Google Glass 2.0 include healthcare medical procedures, warehouse inventory, real estate construction and news entertainment digital media. Cable is DEAD – 5G ! 

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