Six Instant Revenue Boosters

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Notes : Six Instant Revenue Boosters, Closing Better Sales 

  • Sale – Show the customer, how your product / service adds value. Does the customer trust you and feel comfortable. Build relationship, make it an enjoyable customer experience. 
  • Price – Is your solution price competitive? Are there problematic hidden costs? Be Transparent, Upfront. If your solution is better quality, than higher price is justified.
  • Close – Ask for the sale, Call-to-Action. Increase revenue, be a closer. Grow your customer loyalty with mobile apps. Highlight guarantees, and warranty certifications. Push add-on items.
  • Quality – Will solution last, durability? Does it solve customer’s need? Will end product beat competition, add value. Team work !
  • Speed – How fast can you deliver, quality solution in changing market conditions? Keys profit / market share. Find a niche, become a market leader. Deliver within profit margin.
  • Results – Is there a healthy return-on-investment and can we measure the progress (i.e. data analytic). Get feedback from customers. Cross-sell new products / services, build revenue opportunities.

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