Millennials LifeStyle & Retirement Strategies

JP MorganWorldwide Millennials stand to inherit $40 Trillion worth of assets; making it the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. About 60% of the U.S. population is now age 0 – 44 years old. Below JP Morgan helps Millennials get FINANCIALLY fit ! 

The global shift in demographics has caused some confusion among legacy retailers still grasping onto a fading generation of older consumers versus transforming their brand strategies more quickly to reach the majority consumer market in Millennials.

How to Reach More Millennials…


In the United States, Millennial spending on goods and services is increasing 15% annually that’s compared to Baby Boomers, whose spending abilities are decreasing 10% annual, as they transition to a fixed income lifestyle says Director, James Dean @ 

Content marketing is a great to influence 90% of Millennials purchase decisions which are impacted by social networks like Facbook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. For business, it means DIVERSE content that integrates blog article postings and video apps. READ CONTENT MARKETING SOLUTIONS…

In the report below, JP Morgan outlines SMART MILLENNIAL RETIREMENT strategies; a growing concern. The detailed financial analysis helps to streamline the Millennial retirement journey. Review the lifestyle & savings blueprint that includes chart, graphs … CLICK IMAGE BELOW !