Earn Money Referral Marketing

iHumanMedia.com is a leading advertising firm that provides effective referral (B2C / B2B) marketing solutions. Leveraging social media networks, friends and neighbors to fulfill needs can benefit for everyone.

Whether, your running a business enterprise, retail shop or online store; we know that almost 50% of your sales come from customer referrals.

It’s simple you refer a friend, neighbor or social media network connection to us. Tell us what service they need. Perhaps, its a new leather jacket or website design for their business or they’re looking to sell their home, and need it listed on MLS. Once, you submit a referral, we contact them to close the sale. You get PAID up to $250 per referral. And you can earn $10 residual, loyalty money for repeat customers that you’ve already referred. Gain financial freedom, working for yourself, get PAID!

  • Real Estate MLS FSBO Marketing : You get $150 each, its a great way for Realtors or anyone earn extra income. Read More…

  • Retail Product Referral : You get $5 per item sold. So, refer friends, neighbors and social network connections that may need fashion clothes, sports apparel, tools, electronics and more. Refer 30 people daily and 10 buy; you get $50. Review online store Inventory www.LiquidationSalesUSA.com 

  • Content Marketing : You get $40. The solution includes article writing, Blogs, Reviews, technical research and Branding. 

  • Website Design : You get $60 per site (5 to 10-pages, mobile responsive includes FACEBOOK, WordPress and Google).

  • Video AD Production : You get $40 each (1-12mins, GOOGLE YouTube) social media marketing FACEBOOK, Twitter, and Pinterest. Customer gets edited video files (MP3 / MP4). 

  • Internet Advertising – You get $50 each ad campaign. Includes all Pay per Click, web analytics and social media marketing in FACEBOOK, GOOGLE AdWords, and Ad News. 

  • Mobile App Development : You get $250. If projects priced at $1,500 or more. Android / iPhone mobile device programming.

Referral Agent Sales

​Anyone can refer a “For Sale by Owner”; home seller to us. It could be a person that may live down the street from you, trying to sell their home. Or your a real estate agent, unable to get a listing but still want to get paid.

Our FSBO MLS marketing package is a great way to help the home seller, SAVE THOUSANDS and generate MONEY for yourself. Figure, you submit seven referrals per week, and three actually buy the package. That’s $450 per week in your pocket. A great add-on tool for real estate agents to partner with us to offer this FSBO option. 

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR 2014), about 87% of all agents fail within 5-years and median incomes are declining 3% annually. So, we’re filling a need for home sellers looking to save money and real estate agents working to gain EXTRA INCOME.

Anyone, can benefit here. You don’t need a real estate license to help market FSBO deals. Many realtors are struggling, needing extra income.


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Social Media Marketing Referrals 

​Social media networking is familiar to everyone, infact over 95% of consumers (B2C/B2B) now shop online, get reviews and connect to research news stories. We provide a range of services for business enterprises and nonprofit organizations. It could be a mobile website design in Facebook or WordPress that integrates with their social media networks. Or the customer might want content marketing services such as article writing, blog news, and product reviews to boost sales.

We also program mobile apps (Android /iPhone). Our experience, spans over 25-years in mobile network technology. 

Advertising Solutions 

​Advertising is effective but only with optimal return-on-investment results. Too often, a business will try Pay per Click advertising without success. Analytics is necessary to measure the impact of Internet advertising campaigns. We recommend Facebook, Google and Ad News for the best results. A call-to-action generates 75% better response. And online VIDEO ads can really boost sales. It’s important to couple pay-per-click ads with content marketing campaigns. Frequent ad management is needed to adjust sets. The cost for the customer is just $279 per month.