Facebook Social Search vs Google Search Engine

Starting a new business or trying to expand your brand can now be done with a better understanding of how to reach customers at their point of entry into mobile networks.

 Our advertising campaigns focus on maximizing both organic SEO Google search by consumers and social media network searches in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram says Director, James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. For example, Instagram has become a leading social platform to reach a growing market of consumers ages 18-37 years old. 

Today, we are finding about 35% of all search inquires begin in social media networks like Facebook. While a robust 65% of mobile user search requests come from Google search engines. Although, we believe Google still remains the dominant player in search, overall. And YouTube maybe the answer for Google to eventually lead in the social search market. Google owns the MOBILE SEARCH game walloping Facebook, handily reports iHumanMedia.com 


Overall, people are using smartphones or tablets 86% of the time when connecting to the Internet and about 14% on PC systems. Each business has an optimal place, whether its building B2B or B2C. More often sales reps use Facebook and LinkedIN to contact leads.

The combination of social search and organic SEO is predicated on developing high quality content, news and value-added solutions. We also recommend video ads for better call-to-action results. 

Creating your sustainable content advertising solution can be done for as little as $279 per month. The key to gaining better return-on-investment is what we call “Knowledge Diversity”, adds Mr. Dean. It’s part of the realization that a new generation has arrived. 


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