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Career choices for better employment opportunities in the future look much different now in our knowledge intensive workforce environment. We live in a digital global economy now, where business success is dependent on smarter automation and continuous learning paradigms. If you don’t know something, just GOOGLE IT, RIGHT !  Well in a sense this automated knowledge transfer application has enabled us all to instantly become better informed. Even if we are initially are unfamiliar with a subject or challenge. Using mobile Internet devices like a smartphone or tablet, its easy for 95% of us to access large amounts of information on cloud server networks. Whether, we’re searching GOOGLE or BING; knowledge is now literally at our finger tips 24/7 from any location worldwide. 

At the Davos 2016 confernece, a gathering where hundreds of top CEO executives from the world’s leading enterprises meet. They discussed many topics ranging from clean water resources to cyber security. But one of the most interesting workforce topics discussed was the issue of automation and robotics to replace human labor in companies like McDonald’s and Wells Fargo Bank. Overall, we expect ten (10) million jobs to be lost during the transition within the next three years. It calls for a massive retraining of skills. For some the 4th Industrial Revolution, maybe a painful transition while for others like startup entrepreneurs, its a fantastic opportunity to reduce overhead costs for profit. 

Within the Davos 2016 study of employment trends, we found that almost 45% of all U.S. jobs currently involving human labor could be replaced using technology by 2018.

For entrepreneurs looking to launch their startup enterprise, this ability to automate your operations is a goldmine for maximizing profitability according to StartupSharkTank.com

What jobs are in Jeopardy of Technology Replacement … by 2018. 

   Core Skills Disruption. What are the Long-Term Employment Trends : Who Survives ? 

With so many enterprise changes coming within the next three years, its inevitable that people will seek to become their own boss. Much of our work can be performed using a low cost mobile device like Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPad tablet.

The evolution towards what many have called the 4th Industrial Revolution; i.e. automation will have a profound impact on startup innovation. By liberating human labor to pursue knowledge intensive work, robots may accelerate the trajectory of innovation and lower the costs of business startup ventures stated James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com  

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