Google ads get even better cost per click, return on investment by using more targeted “negative” keywords i.e. unique SEO phrases added James Dean @

We recommend Google Adwords as the top mobile advertising platform. The cost per click can be significantly reduced by creating unique keyword phases and geo-targeting ad campaigns. Our data shows a better return on investment with Adwords versus Facebook. A well crafted social network posting in Facebook performs, on-average, as well or better than most of the paid ads in FB. So, reaching new customers is more effective in Adwords.

Overall, your business gets a much better conversion of click through rates with Google adwords while much of Facebook advertising amounts to “LIKE” clicks that remain in FB. This is a significant factor in securing better sales revenue and growing your business. Facebook, maybe a good large corporation branding tool but does little in the way of generating new sales for the small business trying to increase sales revenue, on-average. recommends adding “targeted” keywords to your adwords campaign ?
  • Targeted or “negative” keywords prevent your ad from showing to people searching for certain words or phrases that aren’t relevant to what you offer. They can help you focus on your most interested customers, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment.
  • For example, if you own a shoe store, but you don’t do repairs, you could include repairs as a negative keyword. When someone searches for shoe repairs, your negative keyword will prevent your ad from showing.
Add more well defined organic keywords using the Search terms report in Google Adwords 
  • Google runs ads on similar variations of your keywords. Sometimes these variations aren’t relevant to your business. The Search terms report shows the exact terms people searched for when they saw and clicked your ad. You can use this report to find terms that aren’t relevant to what you offer, and add those as negative keywords.


Why You Should Use Video Advertising for Better Brand Awareness Loyalty Campaigns

We  also recommend Video for Adwords in Google search and YouTube, complete with ad groups and targeting options that mimic what we’re used to from search and display campaigns, making things much easier to use.

I believe that this move by Google will start a virtuous cycle of more advertisers trying video ads. As Google gets higher coverage for existing inventory, they will follow with innovative ad offerings that will increase the opportunities for advertisers.

A recent innovation that illustrates this is that Google now shows PLA shopping ads on product-related videos. That makes total sense from a usability and relevance perspective, and I think we’ll see many more great ways to use video for advertising.

Shopping Ads can now appear as cards on YouTube by opting into the search partners option of a shopping campaign in AdWords.

Shopping Ads can now appear as cards on YouTube by opting into the search partners option of a shopping campaign in AdWords. Send us your VIDEO CLIPS, we’ll create your VIDEO ADS and post them for maximum social media network and search engine results. 

Making video ads more similar to the PPC ads we’re already used to also makes it easier for developers like me to extend some of our scripts and automations to the world of video. Google’s YouTube is the leader in streaming mobile video news and entertainment. 

Mobile Video Advertising Creates 75% Better Call to Action Rates :

  • Upload some video content about your business to YouTube and embed it on your site. People love videos, and there are many opportunities to get free views before you even start exploring video ads.
  • Update your campaign settings to show ads on places other than Google search. Then look at Dimensions reports to see where your ads have shown and where they are working best. You may find ads placed on YouTube perform well at low CPCs. Also try Facebook’s video ads, which are usually even cheaper.

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