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Facebook mobile advertising is effective as a branding and social network customer relationship management tools. However, the costs of advertising on Facebook has jumped significantly, according to recent reports including the Wall Street Journal.

Overall, we see Facebook reported healthy earnings per share during, Q4 2015. But there’s a few important factors to note for U.S. business owners such as overall, just 49% of FB revenue is derived in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, comparing Q4/14 vs Q4/15, a 39.2% gain is more accurate than what we caution is very creative accounting going on at Facebook. This data clarifies it all when deciding how to advertise in Facebook. Looking at FB’s “Payments & Other Fees Revenue by User Geography”, its remained rather flat worldwide according to the financial statement issued by Facebook.

There’s also the issue of FAKE users accounts on Facebook which makeup about 20% of the daily traffic thus adjusting the (CTR) click through rate and cost per action (CPC) to reflect phantom users is needed. We’ve issued guidance on the web analytics adjustments needs.

We like Facebook’s branding capabilities but don’t confuse it with driving more sales. It’s a great customer relationship management tool. Facebook demographics show 38% of FB users either retired or unemployed, so we caution partners on how much your spending on advertising in Facebook without any sales to show for it. Keep perspective when using FB ! 

Has the love affair of investors in Facebook dwindled, well not quit but its certainly time for profit taking. Many advertisers now say that LIKES and boosted posts, do not necessarily translate into better sales. Although, mobile Facebook ads are a good social network builder, they generally do not boost business sales revenue, consistently.

iHumanMobile.com recommends using the Facebook social media platform (1.4 Billion users), as a way to broadcast your brand campaigns but not to rely on it generating better small business sales. Particularly, the web analytic data in Facebook can be deceiving, if your setting your ads be sure to verify your campaign is showing outside your social network across the entire country or targeted locations vs just within your limited group of friends etc. This can drastically increase the costs and reach due to greater competition for ads spots on FB news feed. Although, Facebook has begun to integrate video ads, its rare to actually come across a branded FB mobile advertisement.  

That said, WhatsApp (800 million users) and Instragram (300 million users) are rapidly taking the spotlight from Facebook. WhatsApp, a mobile messenger app has begun to integrate business tools for free in order to compete with Google Apps for Work.

Cloud computing (SaaS) platforms like Microsoft Office 365 / Windows 10 is robust with extensive mobile business apps enabling you to manage your enterprise from smartphones and tablets. We recommend Google Drive and/or Office 365 business apps. 

Facebook’s lack of business applications such word document, spreadsheet, calendar and it’s poor video content creation tools like editing app has many investors concerned.

Today, many believe Facebook, so far remains just a feed to posting and sharing photos. Sure, your friends may LIKE the pic but it generally does NOT translate into better sales about 90% of the time. So many have become disillusioned by the large amount of time spent poking around on Facebook with little return on investment i.e. sales to show for it. 

We still believe GOOGLE is the dominate mobile network platform for advertising that delivers better sales, consistently. We also like the video streaming capabilities of YouTube (1.3 Billion users), now a leading source of news information, entertainment and education. READ MORE … 

For example, many businesses are gaining more sales using Video for Adwords, and the cost per click is very low. We recommend using video advertising to increase your sales.

Twitter with its recent new changes under CEO, Jack Dorsey and organic Tweets showing now in Google mobile search is a very powerful content optimization tool for business. 

Expect a shake out in the social media network technology industry with a Twitter buyout from a company like News Corp. or Alphabet (Google). The sale of Yahoo is immanent soon. While popular social networks like Pinterest create a great opportunity to add social commerce technology says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.

We expect Twitter to innovate with expanded character tweets, that increase SEO content and streaming video apps like Periscope. The integration of video editing apps is needed. 

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