Lady Gaga Transforms Grammy Awards on Intel 6th Generation Core Processor Mobile Apps

Intel’s 6th Generation Core Series offers unprecedented speed with ultra-low power drag that makes this blazing fast 5GHZ hyper-connected ride a dream for gaming, healthcare and visual experiences. The new Intel “Skylake” series of processors delivered 30% greater PC performance with 8MB cache memory and DDR4 RAM. It’s Xeon mobile processors are 60% faster and uses 60% less power; INTEL 6th GENERATION.   

Lady Gaga’s Grammy Award performance is the artistic and visual spectacle that’s controversial enough to transform the way music is being produced and delivered. It highlights our ability to create powerful new digital experiences using breakthrough data processing innovations like INTEL’s 6th Generation Core series. Intel’s new chipset is about to change healthcare, entertainment and mobile networking writes James Dean @ The ability to program 3D designs and perform real-time sensor scanning, opens up new possibilities, leading us into the realm of virtual e-commerce. INTEL has tapped into social advertising to spark a conversation and expand the imagination with Lady Gaga’s pseudo religious Grammy Award apps. 


The ability to tune key aspects of your system using the Intel 6th generation Core series delivers optimal performance for your specific system application. This programmable CPU feature squeezes every last micron of juice from the network system.

Visual presentations like streaming video are displayed in amazing Ultra HD clarity 4096 x 2304 resolution. The INTEL video sync technology accelerates real-time video sharing, playback and production for multi-tasking on-the-fly reports 

The programmable features of Intel Skylake are truly innovative with support for OpenCL 2.0 and native DirectX 12; developers can now tune whatever aspect they desire. 

Security features like Intel’s hard-level SGX and BIOS Guard 2.0 are built into the CPU.

Videoconferencing and podcasting are a dream with Intel’s blazing fast 6th Generation Core series. On mobile devices INTEL 6th GEN Core requires very low power drag, enabling the new 5G Verizon and AT&T wireless networks to run 100 x faster than current 4G LTE systems. Mobile 5G networks are set to roll out in mid 2016 says 


INTEL 3D RealSense camera sensors are revolutionalizing healthcare with innovations like the new “Wellness Mirror” adds Mr. Dean. It provides a way to drastically reduce health care costs and transform the way preventive medicine is practiced in the home and office. 


Using INTEL 3D sensors like RealSense, we are developing innovative ways consumer can make their shopping experience more efficient. For example, it’s not your average mirror at Neiman Marcus; it’s actually a giant video screen and camera. A shopper who tried it out was able to see her outfit from 360 degrees and compare clothing options side by side.