Social Media in Politics Trump Clinton Rubio and Sanders researched the impact of social media networks like Twitter and Facebook on politics in America. What we found was that over 75% of all voters ranging in age groups from 21 – 65 + relied on daily information and news from their social network.

Social networks like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, enable politicians like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to reach millions of new voters across all demographics and geographic locations with instant messaging, Tweets and online video posts that influence their vote. 

Who Wins in Social Media Politics

Resoundingly, Donald Trump is the KING of social media networking in politics which has a greater impact now on cable TV and broadcast channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS reports Today, major networks use social media daily in the prime time news broadcast.

What’s the Breakdown of Followers on Social Networks in Politics 

Donald Trump  :  Twitter 6.32 million – Facebook 5.84 million 

Hillary Clinton  :  Twitter 5.47M – Facebook 2.5M 

Bernie Sanders :  Twitter 1.5M – Facebook 2.8M 

Marco Rubio  :  Twitter 1.2M – Facebook 1.3M 

Ted Cruz  :  Twitter 702,000 – Facebook 963,000 


If the social network numbers play-out, we could see Donald Trump, as the first President in U.S. history that won the election largely based on the power of social media. In social network polls conducted, we’ve seen evidence that Donald Trump crushes Hillary Clinton.


Social Network Mobile Technology has ushered in a new era that returns broadcast content, daily news and creative influence to the people. Low cost mobile Internet devices like the Android smartphone, tablets and wearable technology can broadcast video now, changing the way political elections are held worldwide says