Sports Authority Transformation to Social Commerce

We noticed the Sports Authority (SA) re-organization is on-going during its bankruptcy filing. suggests a new SA retail model that combines local “neighborhood” markets, almost like “product demo” centers to drive social commerce. Using mobile apps like Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter online purchasing options could better automate the new operations and drastically reduce costs. This could promote a much higher profit margin with much less inventory needed in retail stores.

A typical Sports Authority retail center in this case would carry high end products like fitness machines, fitness / outdoors shoe wear and camping equipment. While the lower priced items would be available for purchase online.  

Additionally, a separately branded, drop ship model could also boost sales by provide affiliates i.e. entrepreneurs, tech savvy MILLENNIALS to set-up their own web stores, using SA as the back-end supplier. can assist with any of these business development needs including mobile apps programming. We’ve 25-years experience with mobile technology and e-commerce solutions. Learn More …