Ireland Explosive Growth 9.2% GDP outlines the recent economic growth in Ireland. A major component to Ireland’s growth is lower taxes. The rates are set at 20% individual / families, corporate 12.5% (trading income) and 25% for non-trading like investment and rental income. The business friendly, tax environment in Ireland has created sustainable economic growth and prosperity for the country. 


The Irish work force is technology savvy, rich with engineers and great public education system ranked 10th worldwide. Overall, the top achievers in public education are South Korea, China – followed by Finland, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Ireland.

Formal schooling in Ireland begins at age four providing early education that’s compulsory. The curriculum for primary education covers the following key areas : Language, mathematics, social, environment and scientific education, arts education including visual arts music and drama, physical, social and health education. 

Primary schools are generally privately owned by religious communities (or boards of governors) but are LOCAL and STATE funded. On-average Ireland spends $8,500 per student compared to the United States spending about $13,500 per student ranked 26th.

Although, Ireland’s unemployment rate was high in the past; it has dropped rapidly with the new corporate tax rates and better investment opportunities for business. So far, Donald Trump is the only U.S. leader to introduce a competitive new tax plan in America.

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