Qualified Real Estate Leads Better Sales

Home buyers are tech savvy now particularly Millennial’s looking to buy a new home. With 95% doing research online in Zillow, Trulia, Facebook and Craigslist; we’ve seen a tremendous MOBILE search pattern on Google Android smartphones and tablets reported iHumanMedia.com.

Home sellers are also incorporating MOBILE technology apps like flat rate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) solutions. These flat rate packages enable any home seller to posted their property for sale using the same network as top real estate agents. Using a flat rate MLS package there is no listing agent 3% commission, so the savings can be thousands of dollars.

To entice qualified buyers, many ‘For Sale by Owner’ listings offer a 3% commission to any agent that brings a qualified buyer to closing. READ MORE …

For real estate agents looking to attract more sales and leads, iHumanMedia.com offers a flat rate $495 per month marketing solution. Note the following specifications …

  1. Mobile website Landing page targets local neighborhoods and captures qualified leads
  2. Advertising in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google 
  3. Mobile search optimization (SEO) Android / iPhone / Windows 10 
  4. Mailing to new ‘For Sale by Owner’ to convert into listing for agent 
  5. Blog articles and testimonials to push brand marketing … content marketing

The average real estate agent gets 2-4 new listings per month using iHumanMedia.com