Nanotechnology Flying Machines

Our task involved programming a mobile app for commercial drone inspection and minor applications of wind turbines. This project required micro-video cams with swivel rotation capabilities while the nano-flying machine buzzed around the wind turbine added James Dean @ By using Android mobile apps SDK, we were able to create our custom programming solution that resulted 65% cost savings in maintenance and repair. Overall, we believe the commercial drone market will reach $12 Billion in 2022.

Writes, James Dean, it’s an exciting time for nanotechnology and robotics. Amazon and Google are two companies leading the way. For example, Amazon bought KIVA for $775 million in 2012. Kiva makes robots that automate the whole picking and packing process at large warehouses. Amazon began using Kiva robots and by the end of 2014, it had 15,000 bots working across 10 of its warehouses. Learn About Amazon Robotics …

James Dean