World’s Leading Investor Analysis of Global Economy and Retirement Savings

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock is an American multinational investment leader with $1.6 Trillion in assets under management. Mr. Fink talks about the global outlook, the U.S. dollar, expectations of the Federal Reserve lowering rates and the U.S. consumer market.

Larry Fink points out that Americans in their 40’s and 50’s thinking about saving for retirement are not allocating 401K contributions properly and matching funds. Long-term, Fink says this shortfall into the retirement years creates an economic problem.


Today, almost 73% of Millennials age 18 – 35 have no significant retirement. Many people no longer view owning a home with a savings mentality. In fact home-ownership rates have dropped significantly in every age group; Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomer Seniors.

home salesLooking at equity valuations in the stock market a few companies stick out says James Dean @ During business model analysis, we found Twitter is undervalued with great upside in streaming video and mobile social networking.

However, Twitter has been unable yet to monetize it’s business model, thus hurting revenue growth. Twitter’s been unable, so far to add new mobile users which is the issue.

Here’s a few stocks we believe have great long-term potential for better returns.


Market analysis proved steady returns in gold and real estate rental property both secure investments. Gold prices have jumped 18% since Jan 2016 while real estate has stabilized. Diversify your portfolio in order to protect against market changes. 


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