Bots vs Apps Review

Mobile applications development is one step to building smarter customer service and task automation. Now “bots” using voice command and interactive technology solutions have begun to transform the market (B2C/B2B). Good bots are programmable now in Facebook Messenger and Microsoft BuildBot. Facebook’s Bot Engine provides a unique platform for rapid development of personalized virtual assistants and better customer service results.

The BuildBot Framework is a robust natural language platform that also integrates many Microsoft Office 365 apps. A solution that optimizes your customer service.  

The terminology we use is defined as “virtual personal assistant” rather than “virtual automation” in order to better convey the purpose of using artificial intelligence in social media networking and daily tasks in the home and business operations. 

For example, building a BOT in Facebook M, the virtual assistant SDK in Messenger can be a much more cost effective solution versus creating a mobile app using other programs. 

According to TechCrunch and, a survey of 96 mobile app developers found that the average cost to develop most Android apps is $6,453 with prices for a “small app” costing between $3,000 – $8,000 total.
The time and cost to program a task BOT in Facebook Messenger is under 10-hours at a cost around $995 total says Mr. Dean. Our team recommends interactive bots; as a cost effective CRM solution for better customer service chat and social commerce results.

James Dean