Donald Trump’s Vision of U.S. Infrastructure & Energy Puts Elon Musk in Drivers Seat

Donald Trump, as President has stated that fossil fuel energy such as oil, natural gas and coal will remain a viable industry in the interim for the next 15-years. But Trump has indicated the need to begin rebuilding America’s infrastructure now in disarray needing by most estimates a $3.6 Trillion investment writes James Dean @ 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and Space-X is the world leader in R&D and forward thinking on energy infrastructure solutions. Musk’s vision of electric powered cars and electromagnetic rail systems like the Hyperloop; create a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The healthcare problems associated with burning fossil fuels have reached over $5 Trillion per year (Scientific America 2015).   Given Donald Trump’s focus on smarter management and better solutions; he will ensure the best path is secured for the American people. 

In light of the recent “28-pages” acknowledgement that a handful of Saudi’s funded the 911 terrorist that took down New York’s, World Trade Center killing 2,977 Americans. The necessity of remaining energy independent for the United States is an important national security issue. The United States must work towards never having to buy oil.  

Therefore, Donald Trump’s smarter energy plan would involve bringing together a team of energy and infrastructure experts like Elon Musk to create a bold new solution for America.

During the next 15-years, Trump could embed a small tax in the sale of fossil fuel to fund the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure and sustainable energy plans for the future. This ensures no additional debt is incurred and keeps our country more fiscally secure.

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