Blog Content Marketing 70% Better Lead Generation

Blog content articles, video social media and infographics are key components to generating more customer leads. Over 95% of consumers (B2C / B2B) use search engines like Google, Facebook and Twitter for shopping tips, reviews and technical information. 

Information is the primary driver for people using Google and Facebook now. Therefore, your business must demonstrate its unique service and/or knowledge in a news blog on your website. We recommend posting original blog articles twice per week says James Dean @ Share your web site blog URL in social media networks.

Content marketing, blog posts are often even better than advertising in Facebook. People love to discover new information on Google or watch a new YouTube video clip on their smartphone and tablet.

Your blog article should coordinate with your business marketing strategy. If your a local healthcare provider than give unique tips and neighborhood testimonials from customers.

Always provide a call to action i.e. offer to increase response rates. A video is always recommended for each blog article. WordPress is a great blog platform that is responsive and social media network friendly adds Mr. Dean. 

Use photo images embedded into the blog article with defined file names that optimize your search engine traffic. Be sure to use web analytic keyword tools for targeting SEO.

High quality blog content marketing demonstrates “Thought Leadership” producing better lead generation and brand awareness. Blogging is a great way to new customers quick says Mr. Dean. offers top blog writing and content marketing for $279 per month.

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