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Web development involves a range of technical knowledge and programming skills based on experience. Using WordPress for better content marketing is effective. Although, WordPress may not allows be the best solution for every customer need says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. In this article, I compare WordPress and WIX. 

For retail web store and service businesses such as consulting, WIX offers more robust customer management apps versus WordPress. WIX responsive HTML5 sites are SSL 128 bit encrypted for secure online payments using PayPal and Stripe (credit card processing). While shopping carts in WordPress can be a significant challenge and less secure. 

Still, WordPress is the king of blog writing content and streaming news text, video and photos to social media networks. The ability to capture organic search engine optimization on Google and Microsoft BING using WordPress is often more cost effective vs. Pay per Click Ads. 

WIX does offer blog apps, however our beta testing showed slower load times. The use of GIF images in WIX is recommended to maintain better website load times.

WordPress and WIX offer HD quality video streaming on smartphone, laptops and tablets, great for blogs. Using video embedded in your blog articles produces 75% better response. 

Calendar booking apps for customer relationship management in WIX are synced to your Google calendar, making it very efficient. WIX has embedded many Google tools and features that offer cost effective e-commerce inventory and web analytic solutions.

Generally, the online retail store apps offered in WIX are far better and more secure than many WordPress plugins. The open code development community in WordPress is less regulated, leaving gaps in security, particularly when it comes to online payment apps.

Web designs in both WordPress and WIX are theme or template based, although WordPress allows for some greater customization. WIX offers hundreds of visually stunning templates that can be customized much more quickly than WordPress.   

Mobile responsiveness is about the same developing in WordPress and WIX. Both offer web site designs that display on any mobile device. Although, WordPress text sizing maybe a problem with disjointed sentences when displayed on mobile devices … Android / iOS.

Maintaining and editing your website in WIX is far easy and less costly than using WordPress adds Mr. Dean. It’s really a matter of figuring out what the primary function of your web development project is initially. Project development costs are lower in WIX.  

Most companies now have multiple websites and landing pages, each targeting a different customer demographic and/or geographic location for better search engine optimization. A digital branding strategy that relies on creating many sites fast is most optimal in WIX.  

If your looking to serve-up news information than WordPress is the best option. If your looking to launch a web store (s) and/or consulting service than WIX is the best choice using its robust web editor with customer management and online payment apps.  

The support and technical help resources are excellent for both WordPress and WIX. Overall, hosting costs for WordPress is about $275 including themes versus WIX Premium about $255 per year. This does not include the web design work and SEO content writing. 

Web development projects in WordPress can involve several weeks versus WIX sites which can be up and running in less than ten days. Hiring a professional web developer will save you lot’s of time with better results. Review More Details … 

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