Cloud Quantum Computing

Google is leading the evolution into cloud quantum computing applications that make available optimal cloud storage and data networks. In fact, the new Google cloud quantum computing facility is already up and running based on advanced information technology developed by D-Wave Systems Inc. Additionally, IBM also released its cloud quantum computing system initially focused on medicine and DNA research applications. 

Cloud quantum computing offers unlimited answers within a single step and simultaneously will change science, medicine and business forever says James Dean @ Within the next five years, cloud quantum computing will deliver artificial intelligent systems and autonomous bots, changing it all for us. 

History of Advanced Quantum Computing

Since 1999, D-Wave Systems has worked quietly to build the world’s first quantum computing solution. Their mission is to integrate new discoveries in physics, engineering, manufacturing, and computer science into breakthrough approaches to computation that help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges like cures for disease and aging.

Today, D-Wave is the recognized leader in the development, fabrication, and integration of superconducting quantum computers. Its new D-Wave 2x quantum computing systems are being used by world-class organizations and institutions including Lockheed-Martin, Google, NASA, and USC. NOTE : A quantum bit, or qubit (sometimes qbit) is a unit of quantum information.

D-Wave has been granted over 110 US patents and has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers in leading scientific journals. D-Wave’s offices are in Vancouver, Canada, Palo Alto, California and Washington, DC. D-Wave is a privately held company.

How will Cloud Quantum Computing Change Our Lives

Imagine putting all the computing power available in the universe in the palm of your hand or interacting with an intelligent machine that can think 1000 x faster than any human brain. Or program your business mobile bot to automatically service customers.  

Quantum Internet

The Quantum Internet is an optically-connected network of (small) quantum processors. The network will be capable of sending and receiving quantum information. The quantum internet has two main applications. The first is providing a fundamentally secure way of communicating in which security is guaranteed by the laws of physics. The second application is connecting quantum computers, both to other quantum computers for exponential speedup and to remote users/providers for secure quantum computing “in the cloud”. QuTech is at the forefront of R&D solutions for  “Quantum Internet” technology.

Author’s Conclusion (James Dean)

We are reaching the end of miniaturization of tiny INTEL silicon chips that require significant computing power consumption. Quantum computing in the cloud is the answer that’s already changing our world. It’s the answer to unlimited big data. WSJ READ MORE 

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