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Its amazing the endless ideas and new product innovations that people from all walks of life create. But for all the great new ventures that many people dream of each day, there’s often a barrier to get funding. Although, the difficulty many entrepreneurs find in getting money to launch a startup or create a new project can be heartbreaking experience.

But don’t give up, pursue your dreams of making a difference in the world. Checkout programs like KickStarter, GoFundMe and Kiva top crowdfunding apps to get money for your project. Crowdfunding is the social networking like model to get capital funding.

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Business Funding Solution

We provide a complete startup funding and business entrepreneur solution. Our team walks you through each phase and visits with you. You’re success is assured. 

  • Initial Planning and Feasibility Certification – Is the business viable?

  • Writing the Business Plan for pre-IPO and new investor stock engagements

  • Brand Advertising / Mobile Website Design / CRM Sales / IT Cloud Network Apps 

  • Funding – Seed Money, Crowdsourcing, Angel Investor, Venture Capital

  • Industry Partner Development including OEM agreements and trade shows

  • Analytic involves measuring Results, adjustment for Better returns (ROI)

We charge a flat rate $1,795 total includes our to visit with you on-location (USA).