$30 Billion Mobile Network Acquisitions for Google

For industry insiders, its no secret Google is still the leader for Internet marketing, along with Apple and Microsoft. But with social networking, now accounting for nearly 65% of all consumer purchase activity, Google needs to beef-up its applications. We’d choose LinkedIn or YouTube over Facebook for better quality sales leads writes James Dean. 

Alphabet (NASDAQ : GOOGL), Google’s parent company is preparing major acquisitions in social commerce. A close examination of which companies to buy results in two top tier mobile network technologies that Google can build on to boost revenue for shareholders.

#1 SnapChat is the social media network mobile app company that Google is working to acquire for about $15 Billion. The Geofilter tools SnapChat offers enable users to create and share within a targeted “geofence” area. Geofencing mobile technology allows broadcast of your message to a mapped area. For example, in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area smartphone users would get a message about your event or special offers, perhaps a sale going-on. We consider SnapChat to be the business end of Instagram, better monetized. 

We value SnapChat Inc. at $15 Billion with its young audience and 100 million users per day. Its a solid social media network acquisition for Alphabet (NASDAQ : GOOGL).

#2 Twitter is a great B2B and news media social network, relied on for worldwide broadcasts and real-time information. The video sharing applications on Twitter are superb, making it a great acquisition for integration with Google’s YouTube platform.

We value Twitter at $15 Billion with its 100 million micro blog “tweets” per day. Twitter posts now show in Google organic search engine apps which adds significant content appeal for users. The practical business solution (s) of combining Twitter with YouTube and Google Plus far exceed Facebook, we believe the streaming mobile video aspects are very powerful making Twitter a smart acquisition for Google. 

With the acquisition of SnapChat and Twitter combined with YouTube video marketing for business applications, we believe Alphabet (NASDAQ : GOOGL) easily beats Facebook in social commerce markets. Android single click apps for Google are ideal for e-commerce.

Generally, Facebook is known for consumer B2C apps which do not produce the click-through rates (CTR) needed to produce significant returns-on-investment. Studies show that Facebook is loaded with fake accounts i.e. click bait, which we estimate at 35% or more of all Facebook accounts, either duplicates and/or fake based on research findings.

Recently, Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn makes lots of sense, particularly in B2B sales and cloud computing applications for work. LinkedIn, the leading professional network adds a powerful member community for Microsoft Office 360 apps. It’s the next generation in mobile Windows 10 and provides tighter security for mobile Internet users. 

We believe the Microsoft / LinkedIn solution for business and professional career education will add gaming changing human resources development apps; where Facebook has failed generally, becoming a photo sharing and gossip like chat stream that does little to add real value. When its comes to B2B sales, don’t even bother with Facebook. 

Long-term, we’re confident Alphabet (NASDAQ : GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT) will leap-frog over Facebook social media networking, to become more integral parts of our everyday professional work and personal lives. Expect home and auto smart apps now. 

Our team also found content filtering by Facebook to be disturbing. Its algorithm intentionally minimizes certain posts and many of the apps available in unqiue pages often times. Facebook lags in driving traffic to your unique website. Facebook is rather poor at producing click-through rates, compared with Google, BING and Yahoo.  

Ultimately, the news content on Facebook is less credible, its like reading the tabloid Gawker. Even Yahoo, the struggling Internet company provides better quality news content, particularly financial news and research tools not available in Facebook.  

Conclusion by James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com 

We support the acquisition of SnapChat and Twitter by Alphabet (NASDAQ : GOOGL).

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