Video Marketing : How to Produce More Sales

Video is very important to grow your business. We suggest 2-min clips of four key people and names, what they do i.e. them explaining while their doing task. For example, the local granite countertop fabrication shop is interesting to people. The business owner and key management may want to introduce themselves sitting at a office desk or use the fabrication CNC shop as backdrop. Think of Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs when creating mobile video, social news and get your hands dirty says James Dean @ 

Key Video Info Include : 

For example, LOCAL NASHVILLE granite CNC fabrication is skilled leader 

60 Years Experience combined 

20,000 sq ft  facility 

Showroom video tour of design / materials ideas and customer service testimonials 

Make it real i.e. doesn’t have to be so polished people LIKE authenticity . Good audio is key to any successful video production. HD video can be done with most equipment. 

You should be doing 2-new-videos per month on YouTube and social networks like Facebook and Google + adds Mr. Dean. Include backlinks in video description to your website for maximum SEO marketing and better response rates. Post your phone number.

Write Blog Articles and use these personalized YouTube video spots to connect with customers. Your search engine optimization will increase a good 35% or more.   

The videos can also be embedded in the website, and on-average drives 75% better customer response rates. It’s important to capture leads effectively on your home page.  

We recommend starting with FIVE original 2-min video spots. The costs to produce, edit and search engine optimize your videos just $495 total. Call Us 615-420-5153  EMAIL US

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