Achieve Better Sales Think Different

It’s no secret that world markets are on-edge with UK exiting EURO, China pulling back from capitalist endeavors; as manufacturing falters and Russia regaining its foothold as a global leader. How does all this impact your business. Well, first investment capital begins to dry-up then consumers experience higher gas prices at the pump while Saudi Arabia attempts to stem the financial losses of their oil war with America. In fact there’s little historical evidence of any ONE WORLD market ever actually generating robust economic growth long-term, its the reason massive artificial stimulus was required at the expense of the people.  

The ONE WORLD notion was a foolish political idea, misguided and counter to the mobile technology revolution; where personalized service and products are valued on-demand sales. Although, a ONE WORLD like economic model may emerge, it will be driven by a shared technological ideology, seeded in business not a manufactured political grab for power adds James Dean @ Ultimately, our unique cultures appeal to people, everywhere from Asia to Europe to Latin America to USA.   

So, where does this all lead us. Maybe, Donald Trump is correct. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank of America have indicated the likely hood of U.S. recession may have already set-in. Rely on a variety of information sources, remain open to new approaches to achieve better sales and do your research on Google. 

But despite the intense stress that always comes with change. Don’t be alarmed there’s one sure way to stay afloat in your business during rough market periods. And here’s the secret that I recommend your business recognizes now … 

Think Different !

I guess Apple said it best under Steve Jobs. It’s a simple phrase “Think Different”, yet very powerful, if you break it down to the components, it will yield you better sales results.

For example, your business probably has not explored the vast market potential in the Hispanic market now producing $1.5 Trillion in revenue annually. That’s a lot of buying power adds Mr. Dean. READ MORE …


The Hispanic consumer often does business in cash and generally leads in mobile technology buying patterns which is cheaper to reach than other demographic groups.

Building your social network targeted to Hispanic consumers best be accomplished through video apps which many thrive-on. Latinos women in particular, lead in fashion apparel, auto and cosmetic sales. Hispanic men are robust consumers of beauty products like shaving cream, hair gel, trendy footwear and clothing apparel.

Overall, Hispanic small business owners are up 18% annually with annual income of less than $100,000. Often Hispanic owned family businesses are operated by younger, Millennial workers ages 24 to 35 years old. Credit worthiness is often a challenge.

Next discover the U.S. demographic age shift that has occurred with 80 Million Millennial consumers in the United States. Overall, Millennials spend 15% more annually on consumer goods and services than any demographic. However, their ability to buy large ticket items such as real estate first time home buyers and traditional financial investments are limited. And digital coupons are HOT with Millennials. READ MORE …

Keep your business nimble, able to pivot quickly as market conditions gyrate and don’t run-up debt unless its to fulfill sales orders or hire awesome new talent that will immediately deliver game-changing solutions to your bottom-line revenue plan. 

Social commerce and mobile e-commerce are here to stay. Consumers make their purchase decisions now with lots of information accessible instantly in Google and Facebook. Be sure to offer rich content blog information, video infotainment and reviews for customers to digest at their leisure.

Don’t forget about the senior marketplace and their needs. We expect 75 million baby boomer retirees to have specific health care need. They crave low maintenance housing near convenient shopping. The retired baby boomer is probably the last remaining consumer that will have significant amounts of discretionary money to spend.

This financial picture will change very slow now with U.S. debt $20 Trillion and lack of capital bearing down on markets long-term. Ultimately, the ONE WORLD experiment failed miserably by dispersing the wealth, it diluted the primary global consumer in the U.S. that once propelled world economic growth and made China the manufacturing giant. 

Now regaining extravagant wealth for America consumers requires massive change in leadership or the culmination of it all inhibit U.S. business. So starting today, “Think Different”, if your business intends to survive. The urgency is real, this is not a drill !

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