Google Maps 3D E-Commerce

Google Maps are evolving into 3D earth navigational experiences that allow the user to rotate 360° geographic locations and interact with virtual e-commerce tools. Multiple route apps provide the safest and fastest path to your destination. Google maps also track heavy traffic congestion, road work and vehicle accident data in real-time, so that your travel is optimized for a better experience. In major public transportation hubs like San Francisco, Boston, New York and Portland; public transit rail schedules are updated on Android apps. The ability to provide real-time information generates more business says   James Dean @ Google is the leader in web analytics and business intelligence tools.

The race for space Internet connectivity is heating up as Google Terra Bella, SpaceX and Facebook invest billions to create a more secure information and communications network that provides ultra-fast video teleconferencing and mobile e-commerce applications. 

Increasingly, our planet is experiencing environmental changes that must be managed daily in order to support growing human populations worldwide says Mr. Dean. Satellite imaging also provides a multitude of business applications that make us more efficient and cost effective on where to invest resources and develop better innovation.     

On June 27, 2016, Google rolled out new satellite imagery worldwide sourced from Landsat 8, comprising over 700 trillion pixels of new data. Landsat 8 is an American Earth observation satellite launched on February 11, 2013. It is the eighth satellite in the Landsat program; the seventh to reach orbit successfully. Originally called the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM), it is a collaboration between NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, provided development, mission systems engineering, and acquisition of the launch vehicle while the USGS provided for development of the ground systems and will conduct on-going mission operations. Learn More About LandSat 8 … 

Google Maps is written in programming languages such as C++ (back-end), JavaScript, XMLAjax (UI). Coded 3D virtual reality hooks will enable mobile device users to interact with in-store e-commerce shopping and provide location based geofencing solutions.

Google Maps for Your Business 

For your business, Google Maps provides location based search engine optimization where mobile customers query local “restaurant”, “HVAC service” or “beauty salon” to find solutions. Therefore, we strongly recommend you get your business verified by Google.

Information Drill Down in Google Maps 

Retail Business 

Social Impact




Energy & Infrastructure 

Nearly 75% of all mobile consumers use Google Maps versus Facebook or other applications for navigation while their driving in their car, walking or public transportation adds Mr. Dean. Verifying your business in Google is a great for better sales.

Google Maps integrates your social media network, Google Plus and Google Drive photo and video albums. The ability to provide customers with insightful reviews and visual presentations are a powerful call-to-action for better sales. offers Google Maps for Business; a service that updates and monitor your web marketing for just $195 per month. Get Started Call 615-420-5153 EMAIL US 

It’s important to create a proper content marketing description of your business and keyword SEO analytic programming in maps, so that you can better target local shoppers.

Get your content on Google

Do you have content that you want on Google? Here are a few ways to submit it.

What content do you have?

A website or app

  • Add your URL – Submit your website for inclusion in Google’s index.
  • App crawling – Get your app indexed by Google.
  • Search Console – Submit a Sitemap of your website to Google.
  • Structured data – Label your structured content to help users find pages relevant to their search.

A business

  • Google Ads Shopping – Promote your products on Google Shopping, Google Offers, and other properties; submit your product catalogs digitally to Google Search.
  • Google My Business – Get your business on Google Maps.
  • Business View – Invite customers on a virtual tour of your business.

Digital content

  • Google Books and eBooks – Promote your books online and sell your titles through our eBook store.
  • Google News – Share timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to our audience.
  • Scholar – Include scholarly works in Google’s academic index.

Local information

  • Base Map Partner Program – Simplify navigation of your community by improving and enriching our base map.
  • Google Indoor Maps – Upload floor plans or blueprints of your business to Google Maps.
  • Imagery Partner Program – Offer users a sharper aerial view of your community’s landscape and built environment.
  • Local Enhanced Content – If you’re an aggregator of local content, publish it through Google.
  • Map Maker – Start adding your local knowledge to the map.
  • Photo Sphere – Photograph and share the world with 360° pictures.
  • Street View – Provide a panoramic virtual tour of your property.
  • Transit Partner Program – Encourage use of public transit by making it easy to locate routes, schedules and fares.


  • Video Search – Publish and syndicate online video content to make it searchable on Google.
  • YouTube – Upload, distribute, and monetize your videos.

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