5 Key Stock Investments under TRUMP

Our research finds economic reform policies under Donald Trump, boost five key areas of healthy growth in stocks and investment opportunities. Here are the highest growth investment sectors under a new Trump administration including;

Energy stocks like Kinder Morgan (KMI : NYSE) … READ MORE ABOUT KMI 

Infrastructure and Logistics such as Caterpillar (CAT), GE and Google Terra Bella (GOOG)   

Military stocks like HEICO, LOCKHEED, Honeywell and General Dynamics 

Real Estate investment such as rental property and affordable urban housing developments. The elimination of estate tax quickly boosts real estate market. REIT’s under TRUMP look solid …

Technology Automation / E-commerce making business and government run more efficiently    

** Stay away from healthcare investments under TRUMP he plans to increase competition lowering costs for individuals but CORP. margins disappear. 

FULL ANALYSIS CLICK HERE  http://www.astocktip.com/#!Trump-Stock-Picks-Economic-Boom-29-Trillion-Annual-Benefit/cjds/577658f70cf2f8d6d111ba3f