How To Build Your Social Network

Building your social media network is very important in order to grow business relationships that may yield collaboration and most importantly better sales.

Adding social network contacts is a daily task. Be sure that your targeting the proper geographic area. Research contacts that may fit your sales lead profiles. Target social network contacts that are potential buyers for your product or service on mobile devices. Piggy-back popular evangelist, connect with their followers to boost your network.  

Spend a couple hours each day, on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + connecting with new people in your social network. On Facebook, discover targeted “Groups” locally and by interest. Pinterest and YouTube are video / photo apps for social networks that create excellent backlinks to your website. We offer a social network service $275 per month. 

Google mobile search optimization is still king, when it comes to increasing your sales. Web content is the key component to capturing better search optimization. Better mobile search ranking can be accomplished most effectively in your website BLOG articles and social network posts on Google Plus, YouTube, Maps and Twitter says James Dean @ Tweets show in Google searches. 

While Twitter, Google and LinkedIn are excellent sales lead generators (B2B / B2C) other social networks like Facebook and Pinterest may yield mild results. Generally, we’ve found joining specific groups in Facebook is effective and may result in new sales leads. However, when using Facebook be cautious about SPAM – CLICK BAIT i.e. fake accounts.

Today, about 80% of all smartphones worldwide are Android Google accounts that are verified making it a more reliable option than Facebook. Social network sharing is generally easier using Google + than Facebook. Often Facebook is very slow to load and seems to jump while using it. For business to business sales, don’t bother with Facebook, its primarily a consumer level app. Try Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn for better B2B sales.


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