Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

Automating your marketing with smarter website designs and targeted advertising to produce a better customer service experience will push your brand loyalty and increase sales. Using automated mobile apps such as LIVE CHAT; we’ve created a better customer experience. The LIVE customer interaction yields vast amounts of web analytics data to drive your business development with intelligent production, smarter financial decisions and technology investment says James Dean, CEO @

For example, programming apps on “Landing Pages” is effective, if done right. Primarily, your designs on a landing page should push your brand; whether its a new clothing line, sporty sneaker or energy drink … squeeze pages are great for narrow branding campaigns.

Call-to-Action is key to any landing page web design. A incentive i.e. coupon, limited time offer is a great way to drive more sales and produce new customer leads. People love to chat with a LIVE person. It’s a great way to CLOSE MORE SALES and help customers decide which product and/or service to buy. Use mobile video marketing for better results. 


If it’s B2B marketing, be sure to present a clear message that’s not overloaded with technical jargon. Use LIVE CHAT to connect quickly with the customer thus creating an instant relationship online. Answer questions, and lead the sales prospect into setting up a phone conversation or meeting at the local Panera Bread or Starbucks coffee shop to discuss more options. 

Track data analytics carefully to help further web development opportunities. Where is the customer going on your website. What content is capturing their attention. Note which pages on your website that are not getting any attention. Continuously improve your site.

Embed your BLOG RSS feed to push your content marketing to new heights. Encourage web visitors to sign-up to your BLOG using WordPress and WIX web design platforms.

Mobile apps such as LIVE CHAT using a smartphone is very efficient, making your customer relationship management automated. Don’t rely too much on Facebook, instead focus on building your unique brand of social networking on your dedicated website.

Landing pages are helpful to create a unique brand for large companies that have nationwide marketing campaigns. However, local businesses such as construction, HVAC, hair salon, and restaurants; generally want to target a specific geographic area which requires “VERIFICATION” in Google Maps and Google My Business for better search optimization. Android mobile search and maps are used by 75% of all smartphone users.

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Therefore, a landing page web design must be programmed to provide regular content using a BLOG or news feed. Otherwise, your landing page must rely on expensive Pay-Per-Click advertising to drive traffic consistently. Developing a landing page often leads to low traffic, i.e. poor customer response rates and may even divert organic search engine traffic from your primary business website.  So, make sure you have a clear, well defined plan when designing a landing page adds Mr. Dean. Otherwise, it could hurt your business.    

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