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Today, nearly 86% of all e-commerce web traffic is coming from mobile Internet devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. With millions of new apps being downloaded every day, it’s a smart idea to consider developing one for your business says James Dean @

The big rub with apps has been the sizable investment needed to create one. Often mobile apps development can run into the tens of thousands, however newer tools are becoming more cost effective by providing “visual coding” applications for Android / iOS devices.

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Why are Businesses Creating Mobile Apps?

 The volume of Mobile Phones is much higher than PCs.

The average time spent on Mobile Apps is 64%.

On an Average, people check their mobile every 6 minutes.

People use mobile Apps 6 times more than the websites.

80% smartphones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.

50% users make purchase on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1 month on Desktops.

75% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.

Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.

Although, its time consuming, visual coding apps is becoming more open and easier for novice, creative entrepreneurs. Watch video entrepreneur talking about visual coding.  

You can hire to design your mobile apps, or if you have the time program your own using a drag and drop builder like Bubble, Google Scratch and Microsoft VPL which make it easier to create a powerful web and mobile applications with little technical skills. Page elements (such as text, photos, maps and input forms) can be added simply by dragging and dropping them into place. Don’t let templates constrain your design. Build your custom interface to the pixel. Even Bubble apps are all unique. 



  • Full control: modify the interface in our editor to the pixel
  • Forget HTML and CSS: absolutely no code is needed to customize the page
  • Elements: use images, icon, buttons, maps, videos, calendars, text input, date pickers, sliders, and much more…
  • Dynamic content: text, images are fully dynamic using user-generated data or APIs
  • Conditionality: change the font, color or the visibility of an element based on what’s going on in the app
  • Mobile: Bubble apps can be submitted to the App Store (early beta)
  • Fonts & Icons: all Google Fonts are included, and Bubble uses popular icon libraries like Ionic or FontAwesome
  • Workflow-based programming: you can define exactly what happens, action by action
  • Logic: you can define your own logic: if the user clicks on this button and he’s not logged in, do this, otherwise, do that. All without code
  • User management: sign up, login, save data to user, use social network authentication (Facebook, Linkedin, Google, etc.)
  • Data: define your own data structures and relationships. Bubble scales automatically.
  • Real-time updates: all data actions in Bubble are real-time. Your users never have to refresh the page
  • Search: find, filter, and sort your data in real-time
  • Export: export user generated content to Excel (as CSV)
  • Limitless: add features yourself with javascript or see our Forum to sponsor a feature you need right now
Connected Services
  • Email: automatically email to your users in response to actions they take
  • MailChimp: auto-subscribe users to your mailing lists
  • Payment: Bubble integrates with Stripe and supports subscriptions, deferred payments (for crowdfunding-style apps), and user-to-user transactions including commission fees. International currencies supported
  • Analytics: Integrate with Mixpanel and Google Analytics to track activity on your app, including who your users are and what they do. Add an Olark chat box in a click
  • API connectivity: Bubble can connect to other apps via APIs; import data from all over the web! We already offer Google Places, iTunes, Meetup, etc.
  • Extensibility: seamlessly add 3rd party plugins (Google analytics, Facebook Like button, etc) to your app
  • Search engines: control how Google displays your page in search results
  • Integration list: see the whole list of integrated plugins and services here
  • Hosting: Bubble apps are fully hosted on our platform — you don’t need to worry about maintaining and scaling your app
  • Domain names: host on ours, or connect your own. Your users won’t even know your app is built on Bubble
  • Version control: Test changes safely on a private version, then deploy them to your users with one click. Go back to previous version to the second
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