Dynamic Content Marketing

When you think of “content”, as it relates to Internet marketing, don’t limit yourself to only content writing. Instead expand your definition of “content” to include graphics, visual presentation, photos and video combined with unique written content materials.

Content is a multifaceted term in the media business; where visual content, information and knowledge are often intertwined with written articles and blog stories in social media networks.

Today, most people in the United States ages 18 – 50 get at least 65% of their news, entertainment and business information from mobile Internet searches and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google says James Dean @AStockTip.com.

Social Media

Branding your business human resource assets i.e. the people and knowledge produced in your organization can be excellent “content” material for social media marketing.

If your working on a B2B sales business model, try to broadcast the hands-on technical skills and knowledge the company offers. Use a combination of online video, article writing and photos to deliver unique news stories and infotainment to the marketplace.

As a B2C retail business, show consumers how great your service is with “happy customer” testimonials. Let customers experience “using video”, just how easy it is to order products and services from your business. Highlight price bargains and mobile apps that keep shoppers opting into new discount sales and reward card savings benefits.

Most important engage clients and new customers in a wide range of forum such as social media networks, direct email marketing campaigns and search engine optimized weekly article content on your website blog. Offer new ideas with value-added information, so customers will come back for more. Keep people engaged and immersed in your content ! 

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