Google Acquisition Twitter $10 Billion

Although, Salesforce has been touted as buying Twitter, it appears now that Google will acquire the struggling social media network. Twitter’s streaming video success with NFL Football, Thursday nights, comes as a nice complement with YouTube and Google Plus. announced it expects Twitter’s acquisition before December 2016. The buyout valuation of Twitter by Google is somewhere around the $10 Billion mark says James Dean @ We’re already seeing @Twitter and #Twitter code applied in Google Plus. There are advantages on Twitter vs Facebook or Instagram for B2B sales solutions.


Embedding app coding that pushes YouTube video content further into mobile networks on Twitter makes sense. Particularly, the video advertising revenue growth for B2B and Infotainment is extremely powerful, given the content production tools. We believe should be further developed adds Mr. Dean. Checkout YouTube Video Editing Apps… 

We may see Twitter become more like LinkedIn, geared toward professionals.