Adwords PPC vs BING SEM

Paid advertising is very effective at connecting your business with high quality, immediate sales leads and new customers. Pay per click advertising on Google Adwords engages your business in a competitive search network. Successful advertising using PPC keyword ad campaigns is highly contingent on your bid offer per click versus the competition. Search phrase bid values can varying significantly, by time slot, day of the week and even in seasonal business cycles. 

 For example, the cost to capture top ranking in Google paid ad networks for CPA, accountants during tax season is three-times the bid expense than off tax season periods. 

During, Christmas holiday season retailers often pay five times the pay-per-click rate for high value e-commerce search ranking to drive better online sales. Localize your PPC ad campaign.  

 Using a social content format like BING Ads on Yahoo and AOL news feeds can be very cost effective. BING search engine marketing is conversational and content driven for success.

We also use Video for Adwords, Google to drive greater web traffic at 80% lower cost per click rates vs text Adwords. YouTube’s search advertising works for branding and demo.

Social content networks like Facebook are also effective, but we generally recommend creative postings and FB page coupons, as a better way to reach new customers. Facebook advertising benefits are vague and mainly predicated on the ability to geographically target communities.

 LinkedIn offers the most powerful solution for business-to-business (B2B) advertising. Social networking on LinkedIn connects you directly to purchase decision makers better than other platforms. Although, using LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising has the highest costs, anywhere.

The most important elements to consider with a new paid advertising campaign…

 1. Your bid vs competition … It various daily and seasonally watch your competition.

2. Time of day and day of week your running the ad 

3. Location your targeting with the ads … In BING make sure to target people actually in your target location not those searching in the area but located somewhere else. For example, a person in Germany could be searching in the U.S. and clicking on your ad, wasting your money.  

4. Use a content marketing approach to your paid ads, to optimize mobile news feed spots.

5. Do your homework researching under-valued keywords and search phrases that show good traffic. We use a number of web analytic tools to measure the search phrases and locations. 

6. Mobile device users account for 75% of all online purchase decisions. Create Mobile Ads.

7. Create instant sales with text marketing offers opt-in and digital coupon advertising deals. 

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