How WordPress Theme Generates Advertising Revenue

Creating your online news publication is a great way to drive mobile search optimization and generate sustainable advertising revenue. Publishing high quality, targeted content is the most important aspect to producing consistent advertising income on a monthly basis.

But how can you expect to earn. Like any other other successful business, it takes a lot of smart and hard work to achieve your goals. To start, if you are looking to make $100 per day from the online news business, it requires a detailed knowledge of web data analytics.

We build mobile sites to 20,000 visitors or more per day x .02 Ad Click Through Rate 2% (CTR) equals $400 per day x .25 your Adsense income per click equals about $100 per day says James Dean @ That’s a $2,500 per month income from online advertising revenue.

We recommend using WordPress which allows for “author (s)” to login, write online, and submit articles for your approval prior to publishing on the website. WordPress is responsive, properly displays across all MOBILE devices. WordPress also gets excellent search engine optimization.  LIVE SITE DEMO CLICK HERE … 

wordpress-theme will customize your WordPress design sections, menus, colors etc. The WordPress ColorMag theme is our top pick which includes many advertising sections for Google AdSense and BING Ads programming. The revenue from ads goes directly into a bank account / routing number. The ColorMag theme leaves lots of room for extensive content writing which could be increased over time with more author submissions.   
Labor Costs Design / Setup : Our custom design rate, figure 3-weeks to program the entire site properly and plug-in your written article content SEO, social media pages, graphics, embed video, etc. Billing is done through PayPal email invoicing $995 total for the design phase during initial launch (credit cards accepted).
After the design / setup period, we agree to marketing / advertising, SEO optimization, hosting, maintenance, and on-going design updates. manages all the work og getting new subscribers, coordinate author (s) new article posts and grow your search optimization for 30% commission per month.
Based on $2,500 per month advertising income, we charge $750 or 30% for all our work and you just sit back collect a steady income of about $1,750 per month (figure $2,500 – $750 equals $1,750.00; your average monthly residual income).

As more visitors are drawn to the publication, your ad revenue increases exponentially. Typically, your income doubles after the first year, and continues to grow long-term.  

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