WordPress Custom Design Themes

WordPress is the best content marketing web development platform available. WP allows large scale enterprise productivity with advanced plugins and widgets to embed high quality solutions. The MySQL database management apps provide ample search capabilities often critical in retail shop inventory  and real estate property sales applications. Integration of social media networks on WordPress push your message also providing excellent CRM, customer relationship management tools. Responsive display using WordPress is very effective also delivering the ability to create video and blog news feeds that capture subscribers.

Below review the exciting new WordPress themes, iHumanMobile.com customizes each theme to your business $995 total includes;

 1-Year Hosting – FREE 

custom domain URL or use your existing 

WordPress theme – below review sample sites  

complete WordPress site design custom graphics, content writing SEO and video embed 

social media networks … Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter

private email address with added CRM subscription and eNewsletter apps 

SSL certificates and private security apps 

shopping carts embedded … landing pages, mobile e-commerce, network subscribers

SITELOCK prevents cloning and cyber security issues 

maximum bandwidth 300 Million per month … so your business can grow long-term 

site 30GB file storage … scalable to 240GB storage  

Google Adwords, BING Ads and Facebook advertising campaigns – FREE 


commercial real estate

Using the links below, pick any WordPress theme, we’ll design your custom site for $995 total. All our designs are MOBILE responsive ! 

Real Estate Business themes … www.colorlib.com/wp/real-estate-wordpress-themes/ 

Business Service  www.axlethemes.com/theme-demo/?demo=business-club-pro  

Entertainment Music  www.wordpress.org/themes/search/entertainment%20%20/ 

Home Improvement / Remodel Build www.wordpress.org/themes/search/construction/ 

Retail Fashion Apparel www.colorlib.com/wp/best-fashion-blog-magazine-wordpress-themes/ 

Memberships / Subscription www.colorlib.com/wp/membership-wordpress-themes/ 

Sports / Activity / Branding  www.colorlib.com/wp/wordpress-sports-themes/ 

Manufacturing / Industrial  http://preview.themeforest.net/item/processing-industrial-factory-engineering-wp-theme/full_screen_preview/19109449?_ga=1.113073924.1030309835.1488231750 

Landing Page / Capture Sales Leads  www.colorlib.com/wp/landing-page-wordpress-themes/ 

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