Supply Chain Millennials

We're working with industrial supply chain Millennials to push the envelope and generate maximum productivity across multiple industries such as automotive, equipment manufacturing and machine automation reports James Dean @ Below review industry leading Millennials ...   

Bots vs Apps Review

Mobile applications development is one step to building smarter customer service and task automation. Now "bots" using voice command and interactive technology solutions have begun to transform the market (B2C/B2B). Good bots are programmable now in Facebook Messenger and Microsoft BuildBot. Facebook's Bot Engine provides a unique platform for rapid development of personalized virtual assistants and … Continue reading Bots vs Apps Review

Enterprise Career Employment News

Career choices for better employment opportunities in the future look much different now in our knowledge intensive workforce environment. We live in a digital global economy now, where business success is dependent on smarter automation and continuous learning paradigms. If you don't know something, just GOOGLE IT, RIGHT !  Well in a sense this automated knowledge … Continue reading Enterprise Career Employment News

Auto Artificial Intelligence $75 Billion Market

Vehicle artificial intelligence, self-driving car sales are expected to reach $75 Billion by 2035; according to researchers. Already, we find venture capital and private equity firms like Goldman Sachs have invested over $1 Billion in the R&D and manufacturing of driverless cars. Artificial intelligence technology leaders like GOOGLE and General Motors have announced self-driving … Continue reading Auto Artificial Intelligence $75 Billion Market

$2.4 Billion Google Ventures Plan $1 Billion Investment for 2016

Google Ventures (GV) plans to increase its current $2.4 Billion portfolio another $1 Billion for 2016. Over the past year, Google Ventures has bought up 39 companies in a variety of markets reported Although, investments in Europe to be scaled back. New business acquisitions in recent talks have included Twitter, mobile social network and Second … Continue reading $2.4 Billion Google Ventures Plan $1 Billion Investment for 2016

GOOGLE, Journey of Innovation

Think back just 20-years ago, when smart phones were just science fiction. Its been an exciting journey of technology innovation and automation says James Dean @ Can't wait to see what's next with ALPHABET ! 

Build Android iOS HTML5 Mobile Apps

Building a responsive mobile app that's Android and iOS has become cost-effective. A mobile app can automate your business to reach 95% more customers on smartphones, tablets and the Google Chromebook reports Hybrid mobile apps offer a better return on investment than alternatives. Developing cloud based app solutions adds proprietary value to your business. Compare Google Android … Continue reading Build Android iOS HTML5 Mobile Apps

B2B Sales Application

Deploying a successful B2B sales platform involves several touch points but most importantly to gain customer loyalty your business must add value beyond just satisfying a narrow solution. Approach your B2B client as a valued "partner". Help them grow their business by providing innovative tools. Learn how to convert new B2B leads into sales within … Continue reading B2B Sales Application