Agriculture Farm WordPress Designs

Choose a WordPress theme that fits your needs and/or let our design team help you. We charge $995 USD to program new websites including new domain name, agreed upon WORDPRESS theme, 1-year hosting, graphic design, social network pages, blog SEO content writing, keyword research / meta tag search engine optimization, embedded video and photos. All … Continue reading Agriculture Farm WordPress Designs

Positive Messaging

With so many negative messages out there in the media and on social networks, it's often hard to stay focused. Today, more than ever the business world is intertwined with our social activities. As a manager, motivating your team of employees is a daily task that involves continual learning and personal growth. Every experience, whether … Continue reading Positive Messaging

Save $4oK Annually Web Marketing

A web marketing person costs $45K annually (see data). Let us do all the web marketing, get better results just $395 / month. You SAVE $40K annually based on U.S. market rates. Call 615-420-5153  EMAIL US   Our complete web marketing package includes :  Website Design ... mobile user interface, graphics, shopping carts, blog, online video … Continue reading Save $4oK Annually Web Marketing

Email Marketing Mobile Apps Create Brand Loyalty

Email marketing programs can quickly boost sales 25% using Android / iOS mobile apps to connect with loyal customers. An email blast for rewards card benefits that offers savings to customers like Mapco's can drive instant sales traffic. Review More ... Step 1 : Email marketing blast with mobile app download (Android / iOS) and website link. Step … Continue reading Email Marketing Mobile Apps Create Brand Loyalty

Video Websites Mobile Search Apps

Automated marketing with mobile video and search engine optimized text ads is very effective at driving new customers to your business. Mobile video streaming is now available from smartphones and tablets. Streaming video ads create a 75% better call-to-action. While customer's memory recall is 78% better with YouTube video versus just 10% text / photo ads … Continue reading Video Websites Mobile Search Apps

Price Updates WordPress, Video Production, Social Media Ads

Digital Media Production cost updates - WordPress, SEO content writing, Advertising campaigns, Web video production & More. Questions Call 615-420-5153  Learn More Details ... How It Works !

Sales Jump 45% – How We Did It reports 45% increase in sales (yoy) for 2015. Primarily, revenue increases are attributed to integration of MOBILE office technology to reduce overhead and focus on digital media with an emphasis on social commerce apps. We recommend cloud platforms to share files enabling your workforce to network better with clients. Review digital marketing results ...  … Continue reading Sales Jump 45% – How We Did It

Brand Awareness Optimization

Creative BRAND Marketing Builds Awareness - Review Social media Content management Services...