Affordable Sales Rep

Selling your products and services requires a daily consistent effort that can be made more affordable when outsourced to network resources companies like  Our trained department of sales representatives will target key decision makers by phone and email contact. Although, digital media is a big part of today's marketing and sales effort; your company … Continue reading Affordable Sales Rep

Email Marketing Mobile Apps Create Brand Loyalty

Email marketing programs can quickly boost sales 25% using Android / iOS mobile apps to connect with loyal customers. An email blast for rewards card benefits that offers savings to customers like Mapco's can drive instant sales traffic. Review More ... Step 1 : Email marketing blast with mobile app download (Android / iOS) and website link. Step … Continue reading Email Marketing Mobile Apps Create Brand Loyalty

70% Demand Easy Secure Checkout Web Shopping Carts is a leader in the e-commerce design and integration of easy, secure web store checkout onsite. If your running a retail store online, the customer checkout process maybe the most important feature to your website design.  It's the shopping cart checkout step, where many Internet retailers lose nearly 70% of their customer sales - James … Continue reading 70% Demand Easy Secure Checkout Web Shopping Carts

Mobile CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management is a comprehensive plan that outlines a series of contact touch-points with your customers. CRM encompasses telephony, mobile Internet, text SMS, social networks, and digital media advertising. We provide strategic planning and implementation of your enterprise CRM system - Mobile CRM Solutions Tel 615-420-5153  EMAIL US