Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Owning a home, your own piece of real estate provides a special sense of security. Buying a home gives your family that added benefit of ownership in the community. A permanent investment in real estate builds a foundation to raise kids and enjoy years of memories with family and friends. Home owners often discover a … Continue reading Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Content Marketing versus Link Building

Google announced requirements for mobile search engine optimization and better web page ranking with it's new algorithms. Bottom line, if your website is not mobile complaint it will be delisted and drop-off the top search rankings. Among the most important components to capturing top mobile search ranking is the makeup and complexity of your site architecture, load speed … Continue reading Content Marketing versus Link Building

About Responsive Mobile Web Designs

Today, more than 75% of all purchases begin online in mobile search using a wireless mobile device such a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The logistics of working from anywhere is a reality now; as 5G intelligent wireless networks begin to come online in this year, 2017. The ability to work smarter and cheaper from any location, combined with pro-business federal policies including lower corporate … Continue reading About Responsive Mobile Web Designs

Mobile Device

"Billions of Smart Devices are used by People Worldwide. Innovation is the Unifying Force in our Social Networks Culture with many Unique Ideas and Creative Individuals Working for Prosperity. Technology Helps Lead this Bright Future for Humanity." James E Dean, CEO @  ... #iphone #Facebook #video #socialnetwork #socialmedia #mobile #smartphone #business

Google Maps 3D E-Commerce

Google Maps are evolving into 3D earth navigational experiences that allow the user to rotate 360° geographic locations and interact with virtual e-commerce tools. Multiple route apps provide the safest and fastest path to your destination. Google maps also track heavy traffic congestion, road work and vehicle accident data in real-time, so that your travel is … Continue reading Google Maps 3D E-Commerce

Facebook Messenger App Integrates Spotify Music

Facebook messenger currently has 800 million users reported While Spotify, now has 30 million paying customers. Facebook announced that Messenger threads are about to get musical. The new app allows people to share playlists and songs with friends inside of conversations on Messenger. The feature to play music inside Messenger is coming and you can share music across platforms.  … Continue reading Facebook Messenger App Integrates Spotify Music

Millennials Connect Facebook

Millennial customers, now 80 million in the U.S. alone are about to become the most important customers your business has ever seen. READ MORE, GET INVOLVED ON FACEBOOK ...

5G Wireless Google Glass 2.0 Enterprise Productivity goes inside the new Google Wearable Lab to reveal its upcoming (January 2016) release of 5G streaming video app, Glass 2.0. The mobile device product R&D is directed by Tony Fadell, the man who helped build the iPod, iPhone and Nest thermostat sensors. The innovative project, "Aura" has refocused Google Glass wearable technology to provide … Continue reading 5G Wireless Google Glass 2.0 Enterprise Productivity