Affordable Sales Rep

Selling your products and services requires a daily consistent effort that can be made more affordable when outsourced to network resources companies like  Our trained department of sales representatives will target key decision makers by phone and email contact. Although, digital media is a big part of today's marketing and sales effort; your company … Continue reading Affordable Sales Rep

Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Owning a home, your own piece of real estate provides a special sense of security. Buying a home gives your family that added benefit of ownership in the community. A permanent investment in real estate builds a foundation to raise kids and enjoy years of memories with family and friends. Home owners often discover a … Continue reading Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Sales E-commerce

E-commerce sales website designs provide a great way to reach more customers on mobile Internet channels. Programming easy to use shopping carts and e-pay solutions is important to improving the customer experience. Convenience adds customer loyalty. Leveraging your social media networks can really drive sales traffic to your website. Checkout e-commerce sales solutions like the … Continue reading Sales E-commerce

WordPress – WIX Apps

Web development involves a range of technical knowledge and programming skills based on experience. Using WordPress for better content marketing is effective. Although, WordPress may not allows be the best solution for every customer need says James Dean @ In this article, I compare WordPress and WIX.  For retail web store and service businesses such … Continue reading WordPress – WIX Apps

B2C Apps Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great way to provide better customer service for your business says James Dean @ Facebook messenger is the  most popular app used on smartphone Android / iOS smartphones by consumers in America.  Provide real-time customer care while looking professional Make your business easy to find and communicate with online Use chatbots … Continue reading B2C Apps Facebook Messenger

Health News Mobile Lifestyle Electronics

Verve is a NEW fashion leader that's creating health and fitness lifestyle mobile electronics like ergonomic audio ear buds, headphones, HD body camera, and high tech dog collars with video cams. Motorola's Verve brand of wearable electronics are generating lot's of BUZZ reports social media news provider We expect the $94 Billion wearable technology market to … Continue reading Health News Mobile Lifestyle Electronics

Mobile App Business Communication and Asset Intelligence helps business organizations leverage MOBILE networks that are secure and enable your workforce to share data such as photos, PDF docs and video clips without any messy hardwired cabling. No more office or home network wiring, nightmares. Now its easy to share using apps like Android ZAP developed by Motorola Mobility says author, James Dean. Still … Continue reading Mobile App Business Communication and Asset Intelligence

Facebook 360 VIDEO Apps

Source  Mark Zuckerberg We just started launching 360 video on mobile. 360 video is a completely new experience because you can move the camera around. This opens new ways of sharing experiences and makes you feel like you're part of what you're watching. It's a step towards even more immersive experiences. This video was … Continue reading Facebook 360 VIDEO Apps