Fulfill Your Startup Idea Now !

Don't wait any longer. Have you had that nagging idea for an innovative new product that would change the world? Now is the time to launch your startup with all the business friendly policies being implemented. I'm a serial entrepreneur and tech industry evangelist with over 25 years of start-up success including venture capital funding, … Continue reading Fulfill Your Startup Idea Now !

Cuba Business Economics Caterpillar Construction Equipment Sales

Annually, Cuba offers $5 Billion in economic business opportunities for American companies. Industries like agriculture, commercial real estate, auto sales, healthcare, travel and entertainment are just a few markets that look promising for the 11 million people living in Cuba. Demographic data shows that 48% of Cuba's population is between ages 25 - 54 years … Continue reading Cuba Business Economics Caterpillar Construction Equipment Sales

Made in America : Products, People And Prosperity

iHumanMedia.com announced market research that 8 in 10 Americans want to buy stuff "Made in America" while 60% say they'd spend a premium of 10% more for products manufactured solely in the USA. Giant retailers like Wal-Mart are taking notice now employing better supply chain controls. Recently, top retailers like Macy's, JC Penny, GE, and Caterpillar … Continue reading Made in America : Products, People And Prosperity

How to Negotiate LOWER PRICES at Stores During Holiday SHOPPING

iHumanMedia.com uncovers the secrets too negotiating lower prices at the retail stores during your HOLIDAY SEASON SHOPPING. Who says you have to pay what the STICKER says? Learn to get deep discounts by negotiating. Tips for haggling lower prices while at the retail stores ... iHumanMedia.com  Look for imperfect items. The Home Depot is chock … Continue reading How to Negotiate LOWER PRICES at Stores During Holiday SHOPPING

27% Jump in Women Entrepreneurs

iHumanMedia.com revealed a startling statistic that's caught the eye of many venture capital investors; finding that women starting new enterprises has jumped 27%, overall. For most women it's business as usual, earning just .70 cents on the dollar versus male counter parts in the workplace. But for women entrepreneurs starting their own business has often … Continue reading 27% Jump in Women Entrepreneurs

Google 65% Sites Fail New Mobile Search Engine Algorithm

Just 35% of websites are "mobile responsive" meeting standards to display correctly on any smart phone (iOS - Android), tablet and wearable technologies like smart watches reports Google Web Analytics Team. Google has announced the search engine algorithm has changed favoring MOBILE sites with rich content media and localized customer fulfillment such as CRM apps. … Continue reading Google 65% Sites Fail New Mobile Search Engine Algorithm

3D Virtual Shopping

About 65% of U.S. consumers shop online now at least twice per month but this trend is growing exponentially as the retail e-commerce experience becomes more convenient and cost-effective reports iHumanMobile.com. Online shoppers are buying clothes, books and electronics 69% of the time using mobile smart phones and tablets. New technology like '3D Virtual Shopping' will … Continue reading 3D Virtual Shopping

Mobile SMS / MMS Ecommerce

Mobile SMS (Simple Message Service) text marketing creates a better customer experience with greater call-to-action 75% response according to iHumanMedia.com. Restaurants and retail stores are using SMS text messages now to push discount coupons. Real Estate agents canvass new home buyers and car dealers post new inventory with mobile QR codes that direct clients to … Continue reading Mobile SMS / MMS Ecommerce