Web Design Content Marketing Prices

iHumanMedia.com offers 25-years of experience in digital media production and technology programming services. Note below our pricing ...  Mobile Website Design : 15 page website $495 or Landing Page $195 (capture more leads) 15-30 pages $1,195 … WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, custom HTML ... includes 1-year hosting, content writing, blog, social network pages, video embed, search engine optimization and Google indexing. 50+ pages $1,295 … Continue reading Web Design Content Marketing Prices

How WordPress Theme Generates Advertising Revenue

Creating your online news publication is a great way to drive mobile search optimization and generate sustainable advertising revenue. Publishing high quality, targeted content is the most important aspect to producing consistent advertising income on a monthly basis. But how can you expect to earn. Like any other other successful business, it takes a lot … Continue reading How WordPress Theme Generates Advertising Revenue

Snap Inc. Files IPO Analysis $18 Billion Valuation

Review the Snap Inc filing for IPO below. Snap Inc. formerly known as SnapChat just officially filed it's IPO for it's mobile social messaging and data network. This year Snap Inc. will generate about $370 million in revenue but that's expected to rise significantly to $1 Billion by 2018 with video advertising and GeoFilter location based … Continue reading Snap Inc. Files IPO Analysis $18 Billion Valuation

Save $4oK Annually Web Marketing

A web marketing person costs $45K annually (see data). Let us do all the web marketing, get better results just $395 / month. You SAVE $40K annually based on U.S. market rates. Call 615-420-5153  EMAIL US   Our complete web marketing package includes :  Website Design ... mobile user interface, graphics, shopping carts, blog, online video … Continue reading Save $4oK Annually Web Marketing

Create Dialogue Social Media Marketing

For 25-years, we've worked with businesses across multiple industries. Review our services below...  Working with you, we tell your story, creating a dialogue with MILLIONS of professionals using Social Media Advertising, Video Broadcast Productions and Email Newsletters that target sales (B2B / B2C) prospects.  To drive TOP ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION : We will program your upgraded MOBILE website including GUI graphic designs, shopping carts, content marketing, BLOG articles, … Continue reading Create Dialogue Social Media Marketing

Holiday E-commerce

Most businesses are gearing up now for the coming holiday season with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the bend. Black Friday is November 25th, so don't miss it. The holiday season can make-up nearly 55% of entire annual sales for many retailers. But reaching shoppers is a new experience for many retailers unfamiliar with … Continue reading Holiday E-commerce

Landing Page Web Designs

Landing pages are a great way to drive more sales traffic to your business. Programming optimal SEO keywords is very effective with landing pages when combined with targeted mobile advertising and social media networking. Questions Call 615-420-5153  Email Us  

Affordable Internet Marketing

The most affordable Internet marketing solutions that help your business reach more people include; https://www.facebook.com/ihumanmobile/posts/802713026498271  https://www.facebook.com/ihumanmobile/posts/802084543227786 Get Better Results ... Call 615-420-5153