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Facebook, A Better Customer Experience

Case Study : Spreading Holiday Cheer

The neighborhood toy store pulled in more local moms using targeted holiday video ads and boosted posts for 20% better sales in just 4-weeks.
  • 20% increase in sales for 2014 holiday campaign
  • 35% increase in website visit-to-sales conversion rate
  • 52% decrease in cost per click compared to other channels

Fun ways to grow

Southern New Jersey’s largest independent toy store, Toy Market, offers a unique range of inspiring and educational playthings. Focusing on customer service, the store runs community events and interactive workshops for local families. Located in charming downtown Hammonton, NJ, the store is nestled among boutiques, restaurants and arts venues.

Boosting Holiday Sales

Toy Market wanted to bring new and returning customers in for its holiday season sales and events, and boost awareness of its store among local parents. The goal was to increase website visit-to-checkout conversions and increase in-store sales.
Facebook has transformed our business, allowing us to reach new customers and speak directly to people in our area. Customers come in and tell us that they saw us on Facebook—no other form of advertising has had this effect. It helps level the playing field to allow us to compete with national chains.
Jim Donio, Chief Strategist, Toy Market

Meeting local moms

Toy Market created a series of boosted posts and video ads highlighting events during the critical holiday sales period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Striking visuals captured in and around the store helped to tell the Toy Market story; captions emphasized the brand’s community spirit, and provided the store’s location and hours. Link ads allowed people to click through to the online sales site for further browsing and buying.

Making a list…

The team targeted the ads to mothers of young children and college-educated women living within 40 miles of its Hammonton, NJ location. It used existing customers from its customer database and email list as a starting point, and then created Custom Audiences and Look alike Audiences to expand its reach to similar shoppers in the area.



Products used

Their Success

Playing to win

Toy Market was delighted with the results of its holiday campaign. Sales rose more than 20% over the same period the previous year, and word about the store has spread throughout the neighborhood and beyond.
  • 20% increase in sales (November 27–December 26, 2014 holiday campaign)
  • 35% increase in website visit-to-sales conversion rate
  • 52% decrease in cost per click compared to other channels (print, radio and email marketing)
Toy Market has been able to form stronger relationships with our customers and tell better stories about what we do and who we are. Without Facebook, none of this would be possible.
Kelly Donio, CEO, Toy Market

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